Friday, June 29, 2007


So, I'm not sure but I am prolly the last person in this fucking city to eat at Jones Barbeque.
I think I was expecting for the sauce to explode in my mouth and Celebration to start playing but this wasn't the case. Sure, the sauce was the best sauce I have tasted in a long time. Perfect match of heat and sweet. The people working were friendly...but still something was not right.

First of all they were out of Ribs.

We ended up getting the 3 Way Combo without Ribs and Beef instead. I didn't eat the beef, because I don't do beef. We got greens, coleslaw and potato salad. Coleslaw was good, greens had a bit too much vinegar and the potato salad was just plain.

I know this post might generate some feedback...but damn, I will admit I was not impressed.

Then again, I am going to go back and see if the Ribs are where its at.


mike said...

I too was unimpressed. It was too much and too little at the same time. Like the sauce was way tooo sweet and too over powering and the meat would be bland.

I went to the old one on ranier a long time ago and they weren't friendly and everybody stopped and stared at my whiteness.

The best part was the young kids working there. Instead of wearing shitty old work shoes to work they wore pristine AF1's with plastic bags over them.

CrumbYum said...

I'm down w/ Jones, but they aint the best and that's just how hard life can be. They do a good sauce, but I tell you what my favorite thing on their menu for the money are their rib end tips by the pound. Good value and a tasty buzz.

Best fucking ribs & baked beans in town is up towards Beacon hill on Graham & Beacon. Fucking Willie's Taste of Soul. Anyone out there who knows of this place knows what I'm talking about. We fucking got 2 trays of their ribs for my mom's 60 birthday. Pork or Beef? That's your call. It all rocks. Not open on Sundays.

tail feather said...

my bbq is better than their's. i'll put that on everything.

you'll see on the fourth...oh, you'll see...

Anonymous said...

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