Monday, July 2, 2007

Seattle date Spots

So when your girlfriend is paying and says to you at the beginning of the day "let's go out on me"...I don't know about you but I spend my entire day thinking of where I'm gonna make up for all the wasted dollars and bellies eating Thai food or overpriced "Italian." So let's get to it...

Since she said she's paying that rules out Thompsons Point of View and Hooters. I shot straight for the top -- Oceanaire! It fucking rocked my nuts off, however, being frugal at heart I still brought my flask. They have all the fresh seafood listed on a chalk board above the bar. I didn't recognize a lot of stuff on there and when I asked no one was pretentious and very helpful. I liked that! For appetizers I hit up a 1/2 dozen fresh oysters. They were all just fine, but I started feeling like that was a little too much oyster for me. My main course was a pain fried sole w/ murrel & portabello mushrooms and a tasty gravy over the top that I can't recal, but was some sort of reduction sauce.

I don't eat desert so in terms of food that was the end of it for me. The price on this is why I say wait for someone else to buy otherwise I'd make it my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Instead I'm sitting here eating saltines and drinking muskat "wine."

Any other date spots people know of in town?


TOP HAT said...

sort of an out-of-the-way/undercover awesome spot is Maneki, a japanese restaurant next to the NP Hotel in mini Japantown. Like most traditional Japanese restaurants, it's closed on Mondays, but any other day of the week is cool, as long as you get there early, or have time to put your name in and then wander around Chinatown for a couple hours.

It's not so much a sushi place, but their other Japanese food is superb. One of my favorites is the maguro namban (flash fried chunks of lightly battered maguro, chilled, in a sweet vinegary/sesamie oil lemon/onion sauce). Also, the bluefin salad is amazing...the fish is seriously butter.

If you plan ahead, you can call and leave a message during the day (it opens at 5) to request a tatami room, which is more intimate than the (pretty) crowded main dining room. The food is great, sake menu is good, though short, and the best part is that it's insanely cheap. I went there with my parents, brother, and three friend for my graduation dinner...we all drank, ate until we were about to burst, and had dessert for just over 100, including tip. Now that's just unheard of.

Anonymous said...

i wanna go there one day. one day.

CrumbYum said...

Maneki hunh, I'm gonna have to try that soon. I've never heard of it.

tail feather said...

I went there with my parents, brother, and three friend for my graduation dinner...we all drank, ate until we were about to burst, and had dessert for just over 100, including tip. Now that's just unheard of.

...and i was there! i love maneki, it's so good. i haven't been in ages--i'll have to take my man there.

i'm in love with oceanaire too. another good one is sazerac inside the hotel monaco. it's sort of upscale cajun and very yummy. good bar too!

TOP HAT said...

Another place that I recently (read: this past weekend) fell in love with is Maharaja in West Seattle on California next to Matadork.

The interior is flush with rich tapestries, traditional Indian prints, oriental rugs underfoot, and chandeliers hanging from an 80's drop-ceiling.

I forgive you, my little Maharaja, for your food is delicious, and your service is just as fast, though not as frenetic, as local mainstay Cedars.

The veggie samosa was delicious...flaky, flavorful pastry with equally spiced filling...served with carrot chutney (sigh, no mango), yoghurt-less mint sauce, and sweetangy tamarind.

Mike had lamb curry and I had the saag paneer. The flavors were complex, layered, and distinct...rice was no Cedars, but hey, Maha, you can't win them all.

We also had the saag naan, which was solid. The menu at Maharaja is much more expansive than other Indian places I've tried, and the next time we return, the naan filled with golden raisins, walnuts, and coconut will surely be on the bill.

Anonymous said...

i take my bitches to taco bell

tail feather said...

...and i'm sure those bitches are the luckiest little boys in town!

White Pepper said...

It may come as no surprise to everyone, but I do like the Palace Kitchen. Something about that place feels very date like to me. I love the pace of the service and the food is always great. I went there like twice in one week to have these quinoa cakes. They dont have them on the menu right now, but they were so good they came with truffle butter....damn! Prices recently seemed to get better there as well.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is always busy and they do not take reservations unless your party exceeds like 6 people. So the best time is to go is right at 6pm. Chances are you will be there until like 8pm anyway. Why not get an early start.

mike said...

I had Lamb Tikka Masala and it was crack.

And I got styled on by the next table as the waitor brought a whole sizzling cast iron skillet loaded with various meats.


mike said...

What's a date?

TOP HAT said...

...something you never take me on.

TOP HAT said...

slow pitch, i'm sorry, i couldn't help it.

mike said...

I take you to Trader Joes at least once a week.

Let's not gloss over the Costco trips either.

ndrwmtsn said...

panos kleftiko, the greek spot by crow. nuff said.

TOP HAT said...

i heard that place was good...but then i also heard from another greek that there's no good greek food in seattle. must test out panos kleftiko.

hahah, that's funny. quite literally that means "everything stolen" but i'm sure it's prolly more in reference to lamb kleftiko. hah

tail feather said...

stop showing off, classics major!


and then only you and i laugh. *sigh*

ps: i'd like to go on a date. it sounds like fun. maybe one day...?

CrumbYum said...

I have 2 date spots to add here that I've recently enjoyed. 1 is a Seattle cult classic. It features Asian cuisine, yes, it's in China town, and it is the Tamarind Tree. I shared their 7 courses of beef with 2 others along with the seafood hot pot. My favorite part was w/ the 7 courses of beef making our own beef spring rolls!! That was fun. I thought everything tasted great and the prices are good value.

My 2nd date spot is located in Columbia City, and possibly goes in the category of top 3 Italian restaurants in Seattle. It's called La Medusa with a cuisine focus from Sicily. Fucking A these folks knock it out every single time. I'm in love with it there. Everything is either very very local like farmer fresh local or imported from Sicily. Wow! We opened w/ 2 cheeses from the Olympic Peninsula region ($6 each), had the worlds greatest salad as a 2nd -- it had 2 different types of beets, arugala, roasted coconut tossed w/ corriander & cumin, finished w/ olive oil & balsalmic. Main courses were the market fish - monk fish that was just alright it didn't hit the rich flavor that fish carries, and duck that I still taste in my mind. F'ing awesome. Finished the meal sharing a canolo that seemed homemade which I say cause the shell was different than others I've had.

That's my report and wonderful value at both restaurants, but if you can get reservations at either do so.

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