Thursday, July 5, 2007


I will admit, I think the prices at QFC are high. But I would also like to point out that they make a pretty good made to order deli sandwich. You have several options including bread, meat, more than two types of cheese, sauce and toppings. I think the sandwich runs about $4. Now, I recently learned that certain QFC's make a better sandwich than others. If you are in the Capital Hill area, I would suggest the QFC sandwich makers who work at the Broadway and Pike store. They give you a lot more meat and cheese than the other QFC on Broadway, they also tend to make less mistakes.

I had a sandwich from the QFC in the Broadway Market on Wednesday, and I should have known better going to a damn store on Independence Day...but I wanted to get a sandwich and eat it in the park. The sandwich was not that good. I have a photo to show you. Also, they didn't put tomatoes on it per my request. I guess Subway is a good route to go being that you can watch them make your sandwich.


mike said...

Two words:Honey Hole

White Pepper said...

Honey Hole is cool til you get cut off. QFC cant cut you off, hell you can buy a case a beer to go with your sandwich.

TOP HAT said...

plus, when you storm out of qfc, it's not a scene, it's called exiting.