Sunday, July 29, 2007

Redwood you broke my heart


I held out on eating at the Redwood for like over a month now...but finally it happened. I wasn't holding out because I was afraid that the food would be disgusting. I was holding out because I didnt want it to be a bad experience...I love that place.

I went for the Blackened Catfish Sandwich which comes with sweet potato fries for the high price of $11. This piece of fish (no bigger than a fuckin sardine) was taken over by this huge dry french roll. The sauce is also what killed this sandwich for me, I am not really sure what it was, but it was red. Now, I am not a fan of sweet potato fries so when I tell you they were the best thing on the plate that sucks.

The person I was dining with did not have a horrible experience with their food. He had the meatloaf and didn't make any complaints. His meal also came with a few sides of his choosing: creamed corn nuggets and green bean casserole. We also ordered the hush puppies which had no flavor and were so dry it was pointless to eat them. They also came with a sauce which had a red tint, also not good.

My advice is to go for some sides because they are the only thing that were any good. The price on the sides is also very reasonable. I think you can try 3 sides for something like 10 bucks. They also have chili, jalapeƱo corn bread, coleslaw, beans...

Don't forget to top off your meal with some bourbon sweet tea.

I still love you Redwood, and not only because you are just down the street from me, I just dont think you should serve catfish sandwiches.


TOP HAT said...

hey, at least those creamed corn nuggets are good! when i got them, they were served with that mystery red sauce as well as a creamy white sauce. i'm not sure what either one was, but the white was alright.

too bad the redwood bartenders boast about how good the food is, then when you get something more than a drunken side order, it's not hot.

hey, you should do a piece on marie callendar's. went there last was an experience, lemmetellyou.

mike said...

remember when larry was all drunk and wouldnt give you the keys cuz he thought you'd lock him out and he was ordering sides with reckless abandon even though we had just had dinner before going there?

Good times.

ndrwmtsn said...

i'm guessing the red sauce was their attempt at a carolina hot sauce. every time i get a catfish sandwich it comes with that.

why would you order fish at a bar? i would expect that to be bad.

Angela said...

this is distressing. i've been avoiding food here for the same reasons. thanks for the heads up; i will stick with the creamed corn nuggets. the name alone is fucking delicious.