Monday, July 23, 2007


Going out of town obviously gives you the opportunity to dine at restaurants you don't get the chance to eat at every day.

I was in Portland this past weekend and took advantage of grabbing some breakfast at the Doug Fir . I stumbled upon this place about a year ago upon staying at the adjacent hotel. The Doug Fir Restaurant is a mellow place with old school wood decor, throwback light fixtures and comfortable classic booths. The menu is very solid with something for everyone to get into. They have everything from your classic breakfast to the tofu scrambles. For some reason this restaurant concept seems so easy but we do not have anything like it here in the 206.

Most of us started with the bloody mary, which was pretty decent but a little over the top with the horseradish. Not the type of bloody mary with lots of garnish either, if I remember correctly the only thing that came in that glass was a straw, ice and drink. Then again I had slept for maybe 4.5 hours so my memory is a bit foggy, please give me a little patience.

I had the Clendenin Croissant which was great. Basically croissant, eggs, cheese and pepper bacon.

Another option could be the Logger Breakfast with Chicken Fried Steak.

Or the Lox.

Or the Biscuits and Gravy.

I really like this place and the prices are pretty reasonable. Also, what casual dining spot do you know of that has a popular music venue in the basement?


lar said...

1st Breakfast!

White Pepper said...

ah...i need to post my blog on the second breakfast.

TOP HAT said...

on a completely unrelated topic, ahem...are you ready for SHARK WEEK?!?!?

July 29th: Ocean of Fear: Worst Shark Attack Ever

strap on your fins and secure your foam shark hats...S.W. is nearly upon us!!!