Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cafe Septieme Part Deux

So in June I wrote a long post about Cafe Septieme (they have no site so I am not linking). To recap, I basically had shitty service and okay food. Thing is, I went back....I like this place but I am really not sure why. I got the same server I wrote about before and I even kept the receipt in hopes I could put him on blast...but I cant seem to fuckin find it right now. Lame.

Anyway, I had an hour and a half before I met up with my brother and wanted to grab a quick light breakfast before heading out for the day. I had the special, which was an egg sandwich on white bread with spinach, red onion and provolone. It was not that bad, but basically not worth the money. It was the kind of breakfast sandwich you would make if you were rummaging through your fridge looking for something to make. It came with these potatoes which I am not sure who decided was a good idea to replace your traditional hash browns with. This might require a sidebar conversation some day...what is the deal with all of these hash brown variations with random dried spices and no flavor?!?!? It is actually hard to find hash browns these days. Another thing I don't quite understand is why this place brings you your toast before you ever get your meal. Nothing like cold ass toast with your moderate temperature breakfast!

So, same server, same shitty service. We waited about 20 min for him to take our drink order. He came by once letting us know he would be there soon. From the looks of it, he can't handle a few tables so the fact that he is a server is quite shocking to me. He did however seem to be in a better mood than last time....

I really dont have high expecations, so I really need to lay off going to this place for breakfast or at least move to a different section.

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TOP HAT said...

do you really need a third strike to tell you septieme is out? that place has a nice feel...i went there a few times a long time ago, but have never been compelled to go back.