Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Grill

I'm the first person to admit, Broadway Grill sucks 80% of the time.

For two main reasons:
1. Food is inconsistent
2. Service blows

Now, I had an eye opening experience the other night. My food was just okay. I had the turkey burger (which I swear never comes prepared the same way) and a mixed green salad. The food here is way over priced for what you get. I realized something else after talking with a friend the next day...the food prices have continued to rise just like the cost of living here on cap hill. Another damn reason to get mad at the condo uprising.

ANYWAY. Two things. The Grill has daily specialty cocktails, every night of the week. You can get these cocktails any time of day for the same price. Now some people might shake a stick at the prices, but one thing you can always count on at that place are the heavy pours.

Now on to the golden ticket of my last visit.

One word. Bernice.

This woman destroyed the game. She was the best server I have ever had at that place. Even though she was slammed she did her damn thing. Never ran out of water, drink or service. After delivering the check she didn't ghost for three hours she picked that debit card right up and handed it back with a smile. I have never seen someone handle their business quite like Bernice. She also truly appeared to be the only one working who had a fucking smile on her face and a little hustle in her walk.

Bernice, I will go back to the Grill because of you.


TOP HAT said...

i want to shake this woman's hand

White Pepper said...

berneice(correct spelling) was crazy onpoint and friendly. she had mad makeup on but she was ok by me, plus she said that she was 'trippin', that was pretty cute. smoke one berneice!!!