Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to Keep it Cool during a Heat Wave?

Ice Cream suckas!!!

Right now is a cool seasonal time in Seattle cause all of a sudden everyone with a hairy upper lip is claiming their corner is "Little Italy." That equals gelato!

There's this spot in Pioneer Sq. called Brendisi serving the stuff right now. Of course it's's gelato during the hotest time of the year. I know of another spot over by the market, but I can't recall it's name. I've had it though and it's scrumptious. The other good thing about gelato is they'll always give you samples of it so you can get a taste of cool and keep on keeping on.

I also just tried out Rocky Mountain ice cream and they are tastey motherfuckas in there. If you ever feel like passing up a 6 pack for a candy apple they have the price for you. Hmmmm, waffle cones! Grubbin.

Does anyone know of a gelato spot on Capital Hill or have any other favorites in the area? Keep your eyes open cause they won't last long around here.

Takin it Easy,


Anonymous said...

take notes White Pepper!

TOP HAT said...

ah, do i love thee!!

i think the one you're talking about near the market is called bottega italiana (which is a stupid name). their stuff is pretty favorite is pistacchio, but it didn't have as many nutty bits (ahem) as i prefer. stracciata is good, too...vanilla base with chocolate layers blanketing little chocolate chips.

i guess the guys there are cool (so said a friend who worked in the market for years and talked to them all the time), but when i went in there a couple summers ago, they were jerks! this one guy got pissed because i was three pennies short of the full tab, and they only take cash (which i didn't know before i entered). finally i got the three cents (he wasn't kidding), and then i proceeded to boost a book from their bookshelf that i had always wanted but is difficult to find in hardback.

bottega italiana, you are my bitch lover!!

TOP HAT said...

pardon me, stracciatella, not stracciata.

caffe umbria in occidental square (my fave-fave-favorite coffee spot) has good gelato, too...i'm unsure whethere it's made in-house or if they out-source...but either way, it's so tasty!

procopio, which is at western and pike is a really good gelateria as well...they have good pastries there, too!

and though it's not gelato, husky deli on california ave is the shit! i used to frequent that spot as a wee bebe, but now i go back and the flavor selection is more sophisticated. may i suggest a double scoop of coconut (lots of tasty sweet flakes!) and raspberry! mmm

i have yet to find a place with good zabaglione, gianduia, or bacio. my all-time favorite combo is one scoop of riso and one scoop of pistacchio. what the hell, why no rice gelato here?!?

tail feather said...

dear top hat,

quit showing off.


the management

White Pepper said...

i love rice gelato.

CarboOverload...remember how we use to go to that one spot by the museum? that place was good....Gelatiamo?! or something. They also had these awesome sandwiches.

Kinda hate to admit it but i sure do wish I lived by a TCBY. Frozen gummy bears in vanilla yogurt is so BOMB.

tail feather said...

gelatiamo rules! they have good gelato cakes too!!

CrumbYum said...

I can vouch for that spot in Occidental Park. Caffe Umbria is pretting f'ing good.

ndrwmtsn said...

have to say it: the best way to stay cool is with a bubble tea milkshake. some places call it "slush" style bubble tea, but it's the same thang, mayne.

you can do it in the U district, but real bubble g's go to the I.D.

bubble tea spots are chill areas for asians, who like to play cards and talk loudly about fashion with their dates/friends and maybe sing karaoke in the back. i'm too cool for alladat, and if you are too, skip Oasis and Gossip (the two ballinest bubble-hang-outs in Chinatizz) and stick to Ambrosia. it's accross the street from Gossip which is right next to Tai Tung.

Ambrosia is no-nonsense, a get-your-tea-and-bounce type spot that has all the flavors you want and some you don't.

sweet drinks are aight, and if i do that i'll stick to blueberry/yoghurt, honeydew, taro, or coconut, but the semi-sweet ones are more complex and really where it's at. red bean, jasmine tea and green tea are sureshots.

Ambrosia also has the dopest collection of flower flavors: chrysanthemum, rose, lavender, etc.

you're welcome.