Friday, August 31, 2007

More Mexican

I gotta call Angela...but in the meantime I went to Mama's last night. This is supposedly Seattle's oldest Mexican Restaurant, which I never knew until I checked the website. I think I have written this before, but I really do like this place.

Last night I had the fish tacos. I love the grilled fish tacos, because they come with a good serving of fish, some coleslaw, a lil' bit cilantro and tasty mango salsa. I went for two tacos ala carte because i tend to not get down with the sides of rice and beans.

I also am in love with the chips and salsa at Mama's they are pretty much in my top 10. I love any salsa that is made with fresh jalapeƱos not pickled aka Pace Picante.

I sort of think Mama's is expensive...but that might be because more than half of my bill was tequila. One thing that is not consistent is that the service is either really bomb or bottom of the barrel. Last night, bottom of the barrel.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pizza by Piecora's

I'm still on a journey to eat as much pizza as
possible during my lifetime.

Do you want a good lunch option on Capital Hill? Of coarse you do...

Check out
Piecora's Pizza

Their standard lunch special is a Slice & Salad for $5.95. Which includes a large slice of pizza with up to two toppings and a green salad. This is the real deal people, not a small, flimsy slice of pie with a brown iceberg lettuce salad. Save the pizza hut delivery for another day and support this localy owned business!

For you late eaters, they got you til' 4:30pm for this special! Damn...that is happy hour.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the Baguette Box

I realize I need to get off this damn Hill for some grub. It is out of convenience that I keep eating at all these places so close to my house. But before I try and leave the Hill, I had to mention the Baguette Box on Pine. If you read this blog, you know I love sandwiches...and this place is choice.

Lately it seems I end up eating the same baguette every time we go and so does L. All of the sandwiches are simple and fresh. I fucking LOVE this bread.

I go with the crispy tofu baguette:

L. goes with the crispy drunken chicken baguette:

The salads and fries are homemade, flavorful and tasty. They even have fountain style thai iced tea or wholes bottles of wine to go! Also, if you have an extra photo of your dog...bring it in, cuz they will put it up as part of the restaurant decor. My only complaint is that they close at 8pm...I love places that realize I tend to eat dinner around 9.

Friday, August 24, 2007

New Location....Still not good...maybe worse

La Puerta moved down the block and kicked out Toreros in the Broadway Market. I never thought I would say I miss Torreros...

La not a good price. Three tacos and some wack beans and rice should not cost $17. Damn, I miss the food I had in the Mission.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

crazy bootleg

With all of the brand new condos going up on the Hill, they are also bringing some new restaurants to Broadway besides Pho, Thai food or Indian fare.

I am a huge fan of frozen yogurt so I was patiently waiting for Crazyberry to open. This is the part where I admit that I watch The Hills on MTV and the reason it is relevant is because this past Monday, Lauren and her friend went to Pinkberry. I watched them eat this yogurt in the LA sun and talk about nothing while important things were most likely erased from my memory, only to be filled with curiosity (ie: if Audrina would end up screwing Lauren like Heidi).

Crazyberry is a bootleg Pinkberry. I will say, I never knew about Pinkberry until Monday and have never eaten there but all it takes is one look at the website to see that Pinkberry is the originator. They share the same concept down to the mission of the place. I have read a few reviews about Crazyberry and people are saying that we should be lucky because our "Pinkberry envy prayers" have been answered. Uh, how about someone getting a Pinkberry to open or fuck it a TCBY. This is so Seattle.

Crazyberry took it one step too far, they have a rip off logo that is so similar to Pinkberry, I would not be surprised if they got sued.

I went for the plain yogurt with gummi bears, L. went for the green tea yogurt with pineapple. Both of us got their most likely rip-off signature stick of Pocky. At first I was not into the taste because it is kind of sour but it grew on me. L. was not into it but realized he might have fucked up by not getting chocolate chips with the green tea.

My guess is that we will go back because it is 2 min from our house and like I said I love frozen yogurt. Someone who has eaten at Pinkberry needs to go here and tell me if it is the same thing.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Shorty Dog

Sometimes after a few drinks, eating hot dogs seems like such a good idea. Lots of options at Shorty's ... even veggie chili and cheese dogs!

This place is also all about video games, including pinball. I typically go for some arcade style Buck Hunter but something is really fucked up with their gun, so beware.

Cheap eats, full bar, interesting ambiance.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Eggs Benedict with Country Sausage?

Yeah...totally an option at The Buena Vista in SF.

This dish was so bomb and the famous irish coffee is also pretty damn is the mexican coffee.

This place is on some serious tourist shit so the prices are not that reasonable but well worth it.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

San Francisco: IN-N-OUT (no beef please)

Maybe some of you already know this...but you can still eat at IN-N-OUT off the not so secret menu if you choose not to eat cow. Basically its the standard burger without meat which they replace with two nice slices of AMERICAN cheese. I loved this sandwich even though a few other people thought it was a waste of time. They were too focused on getting their burgers "animal style". The true thing that saved this sandwich for me was the AMERICAN cheese, which in my opinion, is one of the best things ever invented.

We walked from like Pier 3 to Pier 30 to get these burgers/sandwiches. I'd say it was totally worth it but in the end I am still a fan of the veggie whopper sandwich. And even though they make all these claims about their fries, I am still not a fan of eating one inch potato sticks Something tells me this is a location issue because I have had these fries before in LA...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More San Fran...Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury is sort of like Capitol Hill. You've got the huge mansions and the kids begging for change. You also have the incense shops and an American Apparel.

We were really hungry so we stumbled into this place called "All You Knead". They dont serve alcohol just beer so we went for a pitcher of Pabst. This place has a lot of interesting menu options. You can get anything from Pizza to a Tofu Scramble.

Naturally, I went for the pizza, which was good...but sort of school lunch tasting.

My counterpart went for the special which were Catfish Sticks. I'm guessing they were good because he cleaned his plate.

Overall this place was exactly what I expected its a casual American diner. No complaints, it was nice to sit down and relax. I was however distracted several times by a women with tattoos covering her face, drinking a can of coke and talking to herself in the mirror.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breakfast at Sea-Tac Airport

Well we are back from San Francisco so let me start with day one of the trip.

Seattle Tacoma International Airport

It was 11am so we all really wanted some breakfast...

We were really looking for a breakfast sandwich but were unable to make that happen. So we decided to sit down at one of those bars in the airport where you don't even remember what the hell they are called (example: The Happy Landing, The Cockpit...)

Anyway, I went for the turkey club, not bad but not worth the 9 dollars especially since it comes in a plastic basket with potato chips. I did however like the sauce packets they made available which included horseradish. Perhaps I made the wrong choice when ordering because the chicken strips looked good.

And you can never go wrong with the airport bar because upgrading to a double is only like another $2.50.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Off to the Bay

Carbo and I are off to the Bay....can't wait to get down on some SF food. Stay tuned we will be back next week!

CrumbYum?!?!?! Where are you????

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Worst Mac and Cheese EVER

High Dive in Fremont has the worst Mac and Cheese basically tastes like NOTHING. It might look good...but beware.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Where is Everybody?

Just wanted to reassure our millions of daily readers that CarboOverload will return shortly. She has taken a leave of absence due to the fact that she has been experiencing vertigo. I saw her this weekend and she was talking about a few places she has been going...can't wait to see the reviews. Get well soon!

Now, CrumbYum has been unable to post due to a few factors.
1. He is having some computer problems
2. He has been celebrating Seafair for like one month.

On another note, I made these for dinner last night and they were bomb.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Garage Billiards is a retro bowling alley that also serves food. The Garage has been on that strange part of Broadway right before Swedish for like 4 years, but I always forget about it.

CarboOverload called me up and wanted to take some aggression out on the lanes so I agreed to meet her for a quick game. This place was packed at 8pm on a Monday so we were sent to the lower level where only one other lane was being used. The 1950s retro decor is comfortable and clean and the service was great!

Bowling and eating can only be done if you have a bottle of hand sanitizer or a fork. I went with the Fried Ravioli - smoked mozzarella raviolis, fried till their lightly crispy, topped with diced tomatoes and served with pesto whipped cream for dipping $9

I don't think the ravioli was fried but it was pretty good, kind of like a cracker. These raviolis were so light. I felt like I could pack like 10 of them in my mouth without blinking and eye. The pesto whipped cream was unnecessary because most of the flavor came out of the smoked mozzarella. Damn, I love cheese.

Still not sure what to make of all the choices on this menu, I am always skeptical of a place that can serve anything from Dolmas to Chile Rellenos. However I need to remember to keep the Garage on my list of places to eat on the Hill because they serve dinner until 11pm and bar food until midnight.

Drinking here is not cheap. Unless you stick with the beer or house wines.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Triple Door

Triple Door is a cool place to go every once in a while...

They have some really good talent come through that spot. I respect that we have a venue in this city dedicated to showcasing some local musicans as well as some national talent. But...

This is a fuckin food blog so lets get to it. Triple Door has a pretty large menu. I mean this is a "dinner club" of sorts. You can eat the entire time you are watching performances. I am not sure how it would feel to be singing my heart out while some asshole in a button up shirt is getting down on some calamari, but that is just me. Anyway, they have a lot of choices-- all pretty much defined by what I will call Asian fusion.

First, we enjoyed the pork stuffed calamari which took me a minute to get use to because at first I was wondering what the point of the calamari really was. It was rubbery (because it is calamari) and very thin with some pork stuffed in it like a sausage. I ate it, but after about 6-7 pieces I gave up. It seemed pointless to eat because I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of and all I kept doing was dipping it in some salty sauce.

Next I went vegetarian (hey I still have that choice!) I had the vegetarian squash curry. The menu describes this as this:
Kabocha squash, eggplant, onion and tofu in a red curry sauce. Served with roti flatbread.

Now, I wont argue that what I got was vegetarian curry. But this also had pineapple, asparagus, huge tomatoes and some unidentifiable vegetable. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a menu does not list ingredients, especially if they are not standard or if they outshine the listed ingredients. If it would have been good, I wouldn't complain but it was strange and really dry. The flat bread was very soggy and greasy.

My co-diner had the Pad Thai, which he didn't seem to complain about...then again it takes a lot to piss him off. However he did request extra spice and it did not appear to look very spicy.

We closed up the meal with some chocolate cake which was good, but I don't really like dessert so I'm not even going to go there.

I also had some sort of specialty cocktail the "Spicy Thai Margarita", which according to our server was supposedly "really spicy" but it didn't hit the mark. Basically a tall glass with too much ice, some margarita mix, a sliver of thai chili and no alcohol for an awesome 8 bucks.

For all of my ballers on a budget, this place is NOT cheap.

So, in the end...I would go there again for another kick ass show (Alice Smith) and maybe some appetizers but not for dinner.