Monday, August 20, 2007

Shorty Dog

Sometimes after a few drinks, eating hot dogs seems like such a good idea. Lots of options at Shorty's ... even veggie chili and cheese dogs!

This place is also all about video games, including pinball. I typically go for some arcade style Buck Hunter but something is really fucked up with their gun, so beware.

Cheap eats, full bar, interesting ambiance.


ndrwmtsn said...

yeah, the gun was fucked. or i'm not the killing kind.

oh, and hotdogs, 5 point, and night-before denny's? better make these tennis outings two-a-days.

TOP HAT said...

TWO-A-DAYS, son! that is, if you're not too busy singing the blues about how much your life sucks.

still burnin

mike said...

Why is that relish SO GREEN!?!?

Anonymous said...

chili + cheese + kraut= awesome