Sunday, August 26, 2007

the Baguette Box

I realize I need to get off this damn Hill for some grub. It is out of convenience that I keep eating at all these places so close to my house. But before I try and leave the Hill, I had to mention the Baguette Box on Pine. If you read this blog, you know I love sandwiches...and this place is choice.

Lately it seems I end up eating the same baguette every time we go and so does L. All of the sandwiches are simple and fresh. I fucking LOVE this bread.

I go with the crispy tofu baguette:

L. goes with the crispy drunken chicken baguette:

The salads and fries are homemade, flavorful and tasty. They even have fountain style thai iced tea or wholes bottles of wine to go! Also, if you have an extra photo of your dog...bring it in, cuz they will put it up as part of the restaurant decor. My only complaint is that they close at 8pm...I love places that realize I tend to eat dinner around 9.


kjade said...

i love this place. i'm so glad you're regulars now. the truffle fries are bean salad w goat cheese is awesome.

my only complaint about baguette box is that their roasted beet salad is retarded. it's like half of a beet sliced w a mandoline into thin discs and then drizzled with oil. why did i even pay for that salad made of nothing? i used to get it when everyone would get drunken chicken sammies after the baltic room @ 2 am on fridays.

and you're right...too bad they're only open until 8. boo.

kjade said...

oh, hey ps: charlies sucks. boycott. said...

awwww i miss the drunken chicken sammiches! and eating them after you spend the whole night getting hammered off of bar hookups at baltic? priceless.


mike said...

The lemongrass skirt steak is actaully better then the drunken chicken and I LOVE the drunken chicken.

It was way awesomer when it was open late.


Anonymous said...

mtsn's swag got him 86'd

M said...

Again - love this blog. RA and I don't live on the hill, but because of his day job and the little ones dance, we are literally there ALL the damn time - constantly lookin for places like this.

FYI thanks to your blog I now have a list of places to eat other than Delux, Than brothers and Broadway Grill...

White Pepper said...

Welcome to a few new places on the Hill m. I got you!

donita reason said...

am i the only one who thinks the baguette box is just a little overrated? i feel like you could get a tofu banh mi at saigon bistro that's just as good, if not better, for $2.50. also, the drunken chicken is a mess to eat.

my sandwiches of choice have always been the lamb w/ yogurt dressing, and the hot meatball sandwich. they're good, but for some reason, i have found myself staying away from le box lately.

i also think it's a little expensive--especially the arugula salad which is small and costs like $6 or something.