Thursday, August 2, 2007

Triple Door

Triple Door is a cool place to go every once in a while...

They have some really good talent come through that spot. I respect that we have a venue in this city dedicated to showcasing some local musicans as well as some national talent. But...

This is a fuckin food blog so lets get to it. Triple Door has a pretty large menu. I mean this is a "dinner club" of sorts. You can eat the entire time you are watching performances. I am not sure how it would feel to be singing my heart out while some asshole in a button up shirt is getting down on some calamari, but that is just me. Anyway, they have a lot of choices-- all pretty much defined by what I will call Asian fusion.

First, we enjoyed the pork stuffed calamari which took me a minute to get use to because at first I was wondering what the point of the calamari really was. It was rubbery (because it is calamari) and very thin with some pork stuffed in it like a sausage. I ate it, but after about 6-7 pieces I gave up. It seemed pointless to eat because I couldn't figure out what it reminded me of and all I kept doing was dipping it in some salty sauce.

Next I went vegetarian (hey I still have that choice!) I had the vegetarian squash curry. The menu describes this as this:
Kabocha squash, eggplant, onion and tofu in a red curry sauce. Served with roti flatbread.

Now, I wont argue that what I got was vegetarian curry. But this also had pineapple, asparagus, huge tomatoes and some unidentifiable vegetable. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a menu does not list ingredients, especially if they are not standard or if they outshine the listed ingredients. If it would have been good, I wouldn't complain but it was strange and really dry. The flat bread was very soggy and greasy.

My co-diner had the Pad Thai, which he didn't seem to complain about...then again it takes a lot to piss him off. However he did request extra spice and it did not appear to look very spicy.

We closed up the meal with some chocolate cake which was good, but I don't really like dessert so I'm not even going to go there.

I also had some sort of specialty cocktail the "Spicy Thai Margarita", which according to our server was supposedly "really spicy" but it didn't hit the mark. Basically a tall glass with too much ice, some margarita mix, a sliver of thai chili and no alcohol for an awesome 8 bucks.

For all of my ballers on a budget, this place is NOT cheap.

So, in the end...I would go there again for another kick ass show (Alice Smith) and maybe some appetizers but not for dinner.

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Archie said...

You'd think the atmosphere in there would demand a decent menu, but you're right, the food was a big let down.