Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More San Fran...Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury is sort of like Capitol Hill. You've got the huge mansions and the kids begging for change. You also have the incense shops and an American Apparel.

We were really hungry so we stumbled into this place called "All You Knead". They dont serve alcohol just beer so we went for a pitcher of Pabst. This place has a lot of interesting menu options. You can get anything from Pizza to a Tofu Scramble.

Naturally, I went for the pizza, which was good...but sort of school lunch tasting.

My counterpart went for the special which were Catfish Sticks. I'm guessing they were good because he cleaned his plate.

Overall this place was exactly what I expected its a casual American diner. No complaints, it was nice to sit down and relax. I was however distracted several times by a women with tattoos covering her face, drinking a can of coke and talking to herself in the mirror.


mike said...

A. what;s the deal with Pabst? It's not good, you aren't a blue color schlub and you make good money. Why not drink a decent beer?

B. When doesn't your "counterpart" clean his plate.

C. Northbeach is where hte food/[izza lives. Htat pizza lookis like aa Totino's.

Anonymous said...

stumbled out the gate, a graceful return, then a complete fall to utter shit on the last point. slow down, mikey.

and 'decent' aka nw puss-sweat beer doesn't taste good to some. if you drink micros the terrorists have already won.

White Pepper said...

I like cheap beer, prolly cuz i grew up in milwaukee and i dont they they had micro brew there until icehouse.

where can i get aa totino's?