Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Garage Billiards is a retro bowling alley that also serves food. The Garage has been on that strange part of Broadway right before Swedish for like 4 years, but I always forget about it.

CarboOverload called me up and wanted to take some aggression out on the lanes so I agreed to meet her for a quick game. This place was packed at 8pm on a Monday so we were sent to the lower level where only one other lane was being used. The 1950s retro decor is comfortable and clean and the service was great!

Bowling and eating can only be done if you have a bottle of hand sanitizer or a fork. I went with the Fried Ravioli - smoked mozzarella raviolis, fried till their lightly crispy, topped with diced tomatoes and served with pesto whipped cream for dipping $9

I don't think the ravioli was fried but it was pretty good, kind of like a cracker. These raviolis were so light. I felt like I could pack like 10 of them in my mouth without blinking and eye. The pesto whipped cream was unnecessary because most of the flavor came out of the smoked mozzarella. Damn, I love cheese.

Still not sure what to make of all the choices on this menu, I am always skeptical of a place that can serve anything from Dolmas to Chile Rellenos. However I need to remember to keep the Garage on my list of places to eat on the Hill because they serve dinner until 11pm and bar food until midnight.

Drinking here is not cheap. Unless you stick with the beer or house wines.

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Angela said...

i am also skeptical of places that serve such a hodgepodge of foods. it makes me suspect that everything comes prepackaged, premade, or frozen. i think i once had the calamari--not bad, as i recall.

also, i love the budweisers in the bowling pin shaped bottles that you can get here.