Friday, August 31, 2007

More Mexican

I gotta call Angela...but in the meantime I went to Mama's last night. This is supposedly Seattle's oldest Mexican Restaurant, which I never knew until I checked the website. I think I have written this before, but I really do like this place.

Last night I had the fish tacos. I love the grilled fish tacos, because they come with a good serving of fish, some coleslaw, a lil' bit cilantro and tasty mango salsa. I went for two tacos ala carte because i tend to not get down with the sides of rice and beans.

I also am in love with the chips and salsa at Mama's they are pretty much in my top 10. I love any salsa that is made with fresh jalapeƱos not pickled aka Pace Picante.

I sort of think Mama's is expensive...but that might be because more than half of my bill was tequila. One thing that is not consistent is that the service is either really bomb or bottom of the barrel. Last night, bottom of the barrel.


mike said...

Mama's is it's own beast all together. It's sort of Mexican themed more then a real mexican joint.

It doesn't satisfy the purest in me, theres no carnitas, but, I've never had a bad meal there. It's hokey and the waitress's can be rude and short, with infrequent visits to the table. You just need to be on your A game and know what you want.

I don't go there that often but when I do it's good and I dig the general vibe of the place.

And it's where me and wife went on our first date,

kjade said...

the tofu fajitas are so bomb. worst part: flour tortillas....why?

kjade said...

oh and ps, it is hella parents introduced me to their rice and beans as a bebe.