Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breakfast at Sea-Tac Airport

Well we are back from San Francisco so let me start with day one of the trip.

Seattle Tacoma International Airport

It was 11am so we all really wanted some breakfast...

We were really looking for a breakfast sandwich but were unable to make that happen. So we decided to sit down at one of those bars in the airport where you don't even remember what the hell they are called (example: The Happy Landing, The Cockpit...)

Anyway, I went for the turkey club, not bad but not worth the 9 dollars especially since it comes in a plastic basket with potato chips. I did however like the sauce packets they made available which included horseradish. Perhaps I made the wrong choice when ordering because the chicken strips looked good.

And you can never go wrong with the airport bar because upgrading to a double is only like another $2.50.


TOP HAT said...

whenever i go to the airport around breakfast time, i always get a cinnabon. it's an informal tradition...cause there is no way in hell i would eat one of those at the mall. the airport just has that je ne sais quoi which inspires cinnamon desire.

tail feather said...

i used to be a cinnabon girl too, but now that i can't eat effin gluten, i'm just going straight for the alcohol.

one double whiskey soda + 1 xanax = flying the friendly skies.

Anonymous said...

peace to airport establishments named for U2 guitarists