Friday, July 13, 2007

Steelhead Diner, review #2

Crumb Yum, per your suggestion I visited Steelhead Diner in the Market. It is my birthday month so friends wanted to take me to dinner. We chose to sit outside. I love the deck it looks right over the entrance of Post Alley. I may be alone in this but I like decks and patios that make you feel like you are in a "city". (Not to discredit any of the establishments w/ decks that have beautiful views of the water except for Hoey's).

Back to Steelhead, I really liked it and will definitely return, but just some pointers. I would stick to the diner/comfort portion of the menu vs. the entrees. I felt they were a little overpriced, totheir credit Steelhead does offer 1/2 portions, however they are at 3/4 the price. In the event I was getting an entree again, I would just spend the extra $6-7 and get the full portion. One of us had lamb, one black cod and one halibut--nothing spectacular in the preparation, but good and unique. We saw a lot of the sandwiches come out and they looked delicious and much less expensive than the entrees.

Appetizers and sides were awesome. I recommend the poutine. Anyone heard of it? According to Anthony Bourdain it is the traditional food of Montreal--it is french fries with melted cheese and gravy. I already wanted to visit Montreal now I want to hop on the next flight out! Order the poutine, unless you're a vegetarian because it is sausage gravy. Excuse me, delicious sausage gravy.

On the downside, my rose wine was tepid and the service was really slow on the deck. I wouldn't bring attention to it except that our waitress kept mentioning how she had the "princess schedule" because she had worked with the chef for so long. Don't rest on your laurels girl.

Back to the upside, sweet nothings! For my birthday they brought me a piece chocolate pecan pie--delicious. The crust was almost candied and a homemade whipped cream on top with unsweetened cocoa sprinkles which was a great counter flavor to the sweet pie. I had a Texas native with me and he confirmed this was real southern pecan pie. It was complimentary, came with a candle and delivered by the manager. I love my birthday, so they really won me over on this maneuver. We indulged in the Strawberry Shortcake too, also delicious.

Other pluses, the Chef is part owner from New Orleans and formerly with Oceanaire and the manager was really cute. Seemed really busy on a Tuesday night. Good for them!


White Pepper said...

i swear i have no idea where this place is...but i am down to check it out and those fries so let me know when u are going back.

ps. i love anthony bourdain you have got to see the No Reservations where he drinks absinthe, hilarious

tail feather said...

i wanna come eat the fries too! a date, maybe, ladies?

c'mon, top hat: get with the program and start eating meat again so that you can enjoy the delicious GRAVY!