Thursday, July 19, 2007

Still on the hunt

So out of pure laziness I went to a local Mexican restaurant rather than venturing out of my neighborhood.

Went to La Cocina on Broadway. A few people I know have ventured down their famous buffet. I do NOT recommend that option unless you feel like eating heat lamp heated food and questionable meat products.

I planned my meal before I even went because I do not trust that place for high quality food. (I do however enjoy their Mexican pizza which can feed two people.) On this visit, I shared nachos and ordered some tortilla soup. The nachos were o.k. A few things went wrong with these and that was the fact that the jalapeƱos tasted like metal and the chips got really soggy after about 10 min. The soup, which comes in a huge bowl really lacks any substance. We are talkin' ...broth, about 6 avocado pieces and some mushy (what appeared to be chips) and a scattering of cheese. The soup can also feed two people.

Service was decent. Price is a bit too high. Beer is cold. Ambiance was entertaining (thanks to a few patrons who talked really loud about body image issues and depression)

Out of convenience this is an alright place to walk to....however, wish i wouldn't have been so lazy and caught the bus off this damn hill.


Anonymous said...

"ohmigod, you wouldn't understand, you're sew smart and sew talented!"

TOP HAT said...

want to know the secret spot for awesome tortilla soup? baja fresh. seriously. it's my shit.

mike said...

LOL @ looking for good Mexican food and then you order a fucking mexican pizza.

White Pepper said...

want to know another secret spot for tortilla soup? my house.

just like taco pizza and im not talkin taco bell.

TOP HAT said...

damn, woman! we need to have a mexi-cali dinner party or something...i didn't know you were all about the tortilla soup!!!

i like both varieties: brothy and clear v tomato-based and thick. i made a really great tortilla soup a while back that was of the latter was more like stew; delicious and hearty.