Friday, July 13, 2007


Oh I know, b/c that is who goes there, HOEs. Here is a warning ladies: Don't take your man to Joey's on Lake Union because not only will the servers hit on him but apparently the other patrons think he is fair game too.

I'll break this blog down into food and ambiance.

First off Joey's was not my choice but my friend is a creature of habit and he likes their steak and lobster, it comes w/ linguine and and bread. I've had it before and I agree it is pretty good, but my friend's who dine with me on a regular basis know that I never order what the other person is having. So I went w/ the fish of the day: Black cod in a sake, orange and soy sauce marinade, over mashed potatoes and bok choy finished w/ an orange miso glaze. Not so great, my date actually tasted it, made an awful face and said he "never wanted to taste something like that again". I'm not as harsh, but I do agree. We also started w/ the orange beef appetizer which had no recognizable flavor--rather just salt. I have had some good appetizers at Joey's but last night was off the mark.

Once again another location that ranks poorly on consistency. Which leads me to the Bellini's...they are frozen and peach and really good on a hot day, but last night they had too much syrup and peach, not enough champagne and vodka. I didn't feel good when I left. All the sodium and syrup just sat in my stomach.

Now remember, Ketchup and Soup is intended to document your whole experience at the dining establishment, so even if the food had been the bomb, I'd still give it a thumbs down thanks to the people!!

I know a lot of people reading this are thinking "duh" that is why we NEVER GO TO HOEY'S! It has always been the joke...the managers are 19 year-old-hot-blonds that aren't very skilled in problem solving, the servers all wear next to nothing and everyone who patrons the joint goes for the same reason, etc, etc. Which is why I should have put my foot down, but hind sight is always 20/20 right? I will admit my date is good looking, great smile, bold personality and his current favorite song is "I'm a flirt" by Kells. (Again hindsight is 20/20--sorry Eagle.) Not only was the hostess excessively flirting but a table of women sitting behind me had the nerve to check him out all night, wave at him, not once but twice, say goodbye and have a good night as we left--in a tone only a tramp could pull off. Then the topper, one of those gals followed us out of the restaurant and tried to get her flirt on in the lobby forcing me to engage in more PDA then I am usually comfortable with. So now ladies if anyone ever asks why you don't go to Hoey's you can pass this story along.

Later we went to War Room then Chapel. I want to send out a thanks to all the women at War Room and Chapel for not hitting on my date. Also a special thanks to Chapel for their always awesome cucumber-mint margaritas.


mike said...

I consider the suggestion of Joey's for a date location to be a clear indicator of douchebaggary.

Anonymous said...

i love that place...sorry to hear you are not a friend to T and A.

White Pepper said...


TOP HAT said...

i love the excessive use of appropriate labels.