Monday, July 9, 2007

Roadside Recovery

Damn, I'm 32 and have never been in a car that has broken down...better yet, never been in a car that broke down on the freeway.

On the way to one of the best weekends I have ever had (aka 7/7/07) me and (who I will now refer to as a close friend) broke down on I-5 north headed to Anacortes to catch the ferry to the islands. We were about 20 miles out of Seattle and broke down on the Mountlake Terrace exit. What happened next will most likely only continue to be funny to me and my friend- so I will keep it short and just say we spent two hours roadside waiting for AAA and a ride. AAA got there before our ride so he offered to take us to the closest restaurant while we waited.

Closest restaurant was Azteca.

I had a beer, chips, salsa, bean dip, and two tacos to go. This all happened in 15 min. I love the chips at Azteca. I love the salsa at Azteca. And my new friend turned me on to the complimentary bean dip they also serve. Who doesnt love ice cold Coors Light after spending two hours on the fuckin freeway? Coors Light is basically an extension of the water family and I was dehydrated. So two tacos, chips, salsa, bean dip and two beers was less than 10 bucks. Good deal.

So back to the story:

We had to get back on the road so we could try to catch the 5:05 ferry. We missed it by 10 min. So we proceeded to the liquor store, drove to the ferry line and began to party until we caught the 8:25 ferry.

I left my house at 12:30pm that day and arrived at our destination about 11pm. Can't say it was all that bad even though I missed out on chillin with my best friend, because I was with her sister so in the end it was still a member of the CarboOverload family.

Thanks for the good weekend fam.


tail feather said...

missed you, you whore.

ps: i love me some azteca chips but i was not aware of the bean dip. wtf.

that should be our next happy hour venture...

White Pepper said...

Wish I had some pictures of the bomb ass bbq cookin by our very own CrumbYum.

I do however have some incriminating photos of CarboOverload, but those are for a whole other blog.

CarboOverload said...

like a private super password blog.

Azteca's chips and salsa are one of my favorites and thanks to my sister for the bean dip tip.

And thanks to White Pepper and my sister for turning what should have been a 3-4hr trip into 12hrs arriving just in time to kick off the party!