Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bleu Revisited

So sometimes, you say something and then you sort of want to take it back.

A post below talked very complimentary about Bleu Bistro (who doesn't have a website or I'd link) and their bartender as well as the kick ass homemade limeaid. Well we happened to be there this past Saturday afternoon and ordered the same thing.

What we got first were two glasses of water from a table outside where apparently the patrons did not stay long enough to drink it. Yes, thats right, we got water from another table. What came next was also something for a "Not What I Ordered" post. One of us ordered their signature vodka limeade and the other ordered whiskey and lemonade. What we got were two candy coated pieces of shit. See picture below:

Because of the camera phone, you might not be able to make out the yellow candy sugar coated rim. Wtf? Now, we both looked at each other like why would you put so much effort into a well drink? Now a statement about consistency should also be made here. People rely on the fact that if they had something good at your restaurant and they come back, they are sort of hoping to get the same thing they ordered last time. I mean that seems so basic. Last time we were there it came in a glass with a straw and maybe a lime.

Anyway, when the order came I also received a vodka lemonade which if you remember is not what I ordered. It took a cool 10 min to get the whiskey lemonade which I will say was VERY strong and quite delicious. And the drink came hand delivered by the bartender with a full statement of apology about the error. So there it is, all the anger I had at a place that had performed so well a few weeks ago...vanished. Seriously, sometimes it really is all about the service.

But two things...don't serve me water from another table-- that is so fucking gross. And not only was the vodka lemonade not what I ordered, even after they let us keep it it was still nasty.


Anonymous said...

i'm over bleu for 2 reasons.

1. they took my favorite sandwich off their overly complicated, mispelled and overly 'cute' menu.

2. their weird seating charmed at first, now it's fucking annoying when you have to eat sitting in a goddamn entertainment center with a curtain...and there's no way in hell that place is up to code.


Anonymous said...

ok thats 3