Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One of the worst places to eat in seattle

Since we wanted to start this blog and have people use it as a resource...we need to get a list going of the worst places to eat in the 206.

I think some of the worst food I have EVER eaten in my life was as the Old Spaghetti Factory in Feburary of 2007. Now, let me give you some background into my experiences with this chain. I use to think it was a good place go, once a year, pretty entertaining, to say the least. However who ever was cooking that night, deserves to get punched in the face. I know I fucked up the minute we ordered some appetizers. The shrimp, spinach and artichoke dip reminded me of what it would be like if you ate rotten fish rubbed with a pound of salt. And it is VERY hard to screw up pasta...especially if this is the foundation of your business. Someone tell me how you cook noodles so they are translucent?!

Lets be real, you know what you are getting into when you go there...but damn. I literally could not eat my dinner and I will pretty much put it down if I am paying for it. But hold up, I'm not fully full of hate--not may places you can still go where they give you free shit. Holler at the bread and spumoni.

RIP Spaghetti Factory.

Other places to avoid?


aekae said...

OSF has got to go. It's old and tired and even the ingredients look like they just said "eff it" and gave up. How much do you have to hate your job to not even want to TRY and make the food appetizing? Also, they hired an ex boyfriend of mine who used to like to shoot up in the bathroom, so I'm already knowing their judgment is fucked.

i'm not a fan of joey's on lake union, if for no other reason than the food is mad overpriced for the quality. plus the waitresses are skanky AND incompetent--bad combo.

Anonymous said...

can we add that we went there on Valentine's Day to be funny? and that even the LIT's were disgusting?

It was probably the funniest meal I've ever eaten tho. Shit was so bad you had to laugh to keep from crying.

Death To Fake ROMIO'S

aekae said...

peace to going places on valentine's day just to be funny. we went to denny's this year.

in ballard.

because it has a LOUNGE.

beyond awesome.

kj said...

i always comment on how bad OSF is...but my counterpart thinks it aint so just know what youre signing up for when you decide to brave the kitchy bed frame table and chairs and fringed cloth table lamps.

i had to drive by that bitch every day for a year and lemmetellya, it was packed even at 3 in the afternoon.

tourist shit. get back on your cruise ship and nurse your norovirus.

kj said...

i forgot the point was to post up some bad food in the 206...damn, i got so heated about water-logged canneloni i lost my mind.

one place i love and hate is olive you on 85th and greenwood. their menu is much more vast these days, but ive been there 4 times...first time it was like i had basked in god's beatific rays. the LARGE sampler platter offered olives of so many varieties and brines i couldnt keep track, unidentifiable sauces of goat cheese/garlic bases, dolmades, picked peppers, feta-stuffed everything, and grilled pita. wow. truly thorough mediterranean cuisine.

second time i went there i almost threw up. overly-salted, overly-EE.VEE.OH.OH'd, all around unenjoyable.

third time was straight down the middle.

last time was so-so as well.

i still recommend that place, but with a grain of salt. everytime i mention it, though, i feel that twinge of guilt because it straddles the delicious-horrendous line so precariously.

cave olive you

Anonymous said...

olive you all.

mike said...

Olive you straddles the awesom beying recognition/ okay line. Not OMG this sucks line. its better then it sucks,

mike said...

Malena's Tacos in Ballard is like eating garbage in a tortilla.