Friday, June 8, 2007

Lunch @ Steelhead Diner

So, I realize that a lot of people have reviewed this restaurant, but I frankly like it so much that I believe I have to through in my 50 cent. I've only eaten lunch there, and have enjoyed the pork sandwich and dungeness crab "roll" sandwich (my boss paid that day!). Here are a couple quick bonuses on this place foodwise that is. The bread comes w/ the meal! The butter w/ the bread has some kickass pesto oil drizzled over it!! Food!!! I've only ordered sandwiches so far and the french fries are grubbin. Plus, they have Chrystal hotsauce on the table.

This spot is located right in the market. The other thing I love is I'm a fly fisherman and this place is decked out accordingly. Separating the booths are a display of steelhead flies mounted in steel. Surrounding the establishment are stellar images of mothernature, fish, and flies. I haven't spoken to anyone yet with a bad review on this place although the price is a touch steep. That's why I go for lunch. If anyone has heard anything else on this place let me know cause right now I'm lovin it.


White Pepper said...

yo! i have never been here...nor do i even really know where it is. im really into sandwiches so im going to add this to my list of places to go.

CrumbYum said...

It's located near the market on 95 Pine St.

Anonymous said...

are their fries as good as honey hole's?