Monday, June 18, 2007

Dick's Wouldn't Run Out of Buns

No they wouldn't and mainly b/c buns are essential to Dick's business. Which is why I'm am always surprised when an establishment runs out of an ingredient that is so key to their being. Take Linda's--it is essential to the business of every weekend brunch hot spot to have a great Bloody Mary and mind you, I do believe Linda's has a great Bloody Mary. For those of you not familiar it is called the Cody Willis Bloody (or something of the sort) and this awesome breakfast beverage is served up w/ a great mix of spices and the ever important huge stick of beef jerky. So one would assume that at the start of the weekend Linda's would be fully stocked w/ the appropriate amount of beef jerky to cover the 100s of CWBs they'll be serving over the next 48hrs. But no, on Saturday, June 16 at approximately 11am--Linda's was out of beef jerky.

Which reminds me, not to long ago at the peak of the Friday morning breakfast sandwich rush, the Other Coast Cafe ran out of eggs. At least the manager looked almost as disappointed as me when he overheard the cashier deliver the news. So we went to Specialty's who fortunately had ordered enough eggs for all their customers. It's called taking inventory...


White Pepper said...

OMG. So true. Take INVENTORY.
Another place that likes to run out of items is Noah's Bagels on Broadway. Only time business is up to par is when the manager is there... and she usually doesn't work on the weekend so you are fucked.

Good post.

mike said...

theres a mexican place over in the ID (I know!) by the filipino place at like 5th and jackson (a block north) thats good but me and K monster went there and the ran out of tortillas!

The fuck is that!

kj said...

ahah, i was just gonna mention that place! it's called tenoch and it's right next to manila bay, or whatever it's called that used to be vesper lounge. all i wanted was a damn plate of crappy vegetarian tacos (which is a mistake from the jump, cause what does that have? uhh, beans, cheese [im lactose intolerant, sweet], lettuce!??!). but instead, sorry, we ran out of tortillas. i dont want your "vegetarian offering taco salad." no thanks. peace, tenoch.