Friday, June 22, 2007

Absolut Pride

Best part of getting older are the awesome fucking hangovers.

I am sure a lot of people can relate to a similar experience that I am about to unfold. You leave work to meet some friends at 6pm and you get home at 1am. But did you happen to also go on a gay bar pub crawl in the search for some food? Well, me and a few other folks did and it wasn't pretty. As a matter of fact it got really sloppy since we didn't accomplish the food part until we reached the last stop. Here is how it went down...

Drinks at
Purr....theme night, Homo Hoedown
More drinks at
Manray....Geri Halliwell videos
MORE drinks at
C.C. and ice sculptures
Martin's...too late everyone is faded

There is something everyone should know....
Martin's serves a full menu until 1am. And the food isn't that bad. You have lots of options too, like lasagna, sandwiches, tater tots, fish and yes...nachos. The service was good and everyone seemed to be in a great mood. The place reminds me of this spot my grandma use to work at when I was a kid. The amber lighting takes you back to the 70s real quick. I will definitely go back to Martin's, but this time I will go there first.

Happy Pride Seattle!

1 comment:

mike said...

Oh great, let's all go to the goddamn gay bar cuz they have fuckin' Lasagna at 1 a.m.

I swear to fucking Chirst. I feel like I took a crazy pill, crushed it up and then snorted it.