Thursday, June 7, 2007

Not What I Ordered #1

The best thing about a menu is that you get to read detailed descriptions about the items you are interested in ordering.

At my recent visit to ThaiGo on Broadway I experienced one of my biggest disappointments about dining out. I ordered something after reading the description and when it came to my table it included some items that were not listed in the menu. What makes it even worse is that this particular item, which was scattered throughout one of my favorite dishes happened to be my least favorite food in the entire universe. Note to everyone: I hate red bell peppers.

Let me be real though, I like ThaiGo. I like it because the staff are very friendly and the food is actually quite good for a franchise restaurant. I like it because they give you complimentary soup and ice cream. And this past week I liked it even more because now they have beer. One thing I will add is you do not want to show up to eat right before they close, because when they say they close at 10pm, it means the want you to leave by 10.

Oh yeah and the red curry also has red peppers even though it doesn't list it on the menu.


CrumbYum said...

Includes ice cream!! I like the sound of that. That's actually pretty original too.

CrumbYum said...

I also wanted to contribute my absolute favorite Seattle Thai restaurant...Thai Star in Pioneer Sq. The ambiance is casual, and I go for the food, and chicks dig it. Some of the best tasting Thai food I've eaten. Granted my Thai food experiences are limited to dates since Thai seems to be the new Chinese food of the 80's, but the food here is grubbin, the folks are nice, and the prices are good. It's on the corner of 2nd and Yesler.

Anonymous said...

you're wack, red peppers are awesome. the perfect balance of sweet and savory grown from the earth.

little thai in the u-district is good shit, too...the crispy fish in red curry is out of control amazing.