Sunday, June 3, 2007

White Pepper

So, I am out to breakfast at Linda's yesterday with a few friends and I started talking about how we should do a blog and talk about restaurants that we go to here in Seattle. I told them about how I really wanted a place to write down all the great things about dining out in the well as all the places that need a heads up that they might want to make some changes. Interestingly enough, both of them were so interested in the idea we started this blog the next day.

The reason this blog will be different from all the other food blogs is that we are not foodies.
Foodies is a slang term used to describe people with a strong love of fine dining, food and the experience of dining out or creating elaborate meals at home. The term used to describe those who closely follow the openings and closings of new restaurants and the comings and goings of celebrity chefs.
We aren't here to tell you where the next cool place is to grab some food or drinks. We are just a few friends who enjoy a good meal, good service and good ambiance.



mike said...

Corny. getting wrapped up with being anti-establishment is teh ghey, specially when you well into your 30's. youre just as much of a foodie as the weekend truffle forager. its just about good food across the board. The self-imposed faux bougie slant to rally against is not a good look anymore.

mike said...

p.s. you suck

White Pepper said...

Welcome Mike, glad to see you here. Thanks for your two cents!

Eddie said...

White just got served some MRS. DASH.