Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Those of you who know me well, know that I did not eat meat (except for fish) for 13 years. During this time, I tried many meat substitutes....some of which are not that bad. But one thing I stood behind for 13 years as being the worst meat substitute was field roast. It is no surprise to me that Seattle itself is the mecca of this cruelty free meat.

One restaurant that serves lots of field roast menu items is the Elysian Brewing Co. on Capitol Hill. For some reason even though I have changed my diet to include chicken and pork...I opted to try the field roast Reuben. Even after typing that I am wondering what made me make such an interesting choice and horrible mistake.

Yikes. You can't take dirt, cover it with sauerkraut, sauce, cheese and put it between two pieces of rye bread and call it good. And if you do, you should slap yourself in the face.

You have done me wrong for the last time field roast. It was nice knowing you.


TOP HAT said...

um, that sounds disgusting. the only meatless item ive had at the elysian is the bbq sandwich which is pretty good.

i must say, though...field roast aint so bad. theres one that i really like called the celebration roast or something completely retarded like that...its good though.

oh yeah, and the chipotle-flavored soysage is good, too.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you fucked up homie!!!

aekae said...

don't listen to t-hatter...so many years with no meat has dulled her tastebuds.

(if she even has any left. i think maybe they've all been burned off.)

the only thing i really like about the elysian is the fries. oh, and the liquor.


Anonymous said...

i think we all know the biggest (and sweatiest) arguement against Top Hat's taste.

mike said...

Field roast = good

TOP HAT said...

damn you, LairBear!

CarboOverload said...

Never had field roast. Don't really feel the need. I'd rather concentrate on real Reubens...you know with corned beef (or pastrami).

Six Arms has a good Reuben. Also as previously mentioned on the Sandwich post Elliot Bay Piza Co. and Other Coast Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Elliot Bay kings most everything on the list...the Chicken Ceasar sandwhich with the garlic butter? Are you kidding me? Can i just get that surgically implanted in my artery right now? Thanks.

And don't call me L_r Bear Top Hat. I will punt you to the bad side of your street.

TOP HAT said...
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