Thursday, June 21, 2007


If you ever find yourself in Fisher Plaza, don't go to Sport Restaurant and Bar. I made that mistake for you. It was a rainy Seattle day, and I was with some tourists who wanted to go to the top of the Space Needle. I dropped them off and went to get a get drink while they peered out over the Emerald City. Begrudgingly we headed to Sport, it was really our only option.

From the moment we walked in I felt uncomfortable, making your way to the bar is similar to a maze and everyone (primarily staff since the customers were few and far between) stared as if to ask "why would you want to be here?". All we wanted was a cocktail to which they offered a menu of every one's favorite $10 libations w/ a minimum of 8 ingredients of which only 1-2 are actually alcohol. Nothing looked good. However, down the way one of the managers was drinking from a plastic gallon container, labeled "limeade". Perfect, can I have a vodka & limeade? Well you would have thought I asked for his kidney, after rolling his eyes in disgust and shaking his head towards the other staff also sitting there doing nothing but sipping limeade, he sighed and told me, now he begrudgingly, that I could have the limeade this time, but not to try and order it next time I come in b/c it is not on the menu, but since I had "seen it" he would let me have it. I took the drink and told him he didn't have to worry about the next time. The bartender later told me not to worry about him--to little to late. You suck Sunday Manager at Sport.

Ironically, within a few weeks I experienced the exact opposite treatment when I asked for a vodka & limeade at Bleu Bistro. The bartender (who is adorable ladies) said to me, "Well we don't have limeade but I'm sure I can make it. We make our lemonade fresh so I just have to make it w/ limes". And he did and it was awesome. Thank you cute Saturday afternoon bartender at Bleu Bistro.


TOP HAT said...

wow, service with a smile.

honestly i've never been in sport before, mostly because i think it's stupid that it's a sports bar named "sport bar and grill." oh yeah, and i never just hang out at the seattle center.

the only nice thing about it is that they have a 3:1 tv to patron ratio. they also have flatscreens outside, which would occasionally have the news on as i waited at that light on the way to work.

White Pepper said...

i totally lost that receipt with the bartenders name on it! otherwise I would blow his name up, because he was a great bartender. I love people that love their jobs.

What the fuck is Sport? How have I never heard of it?