Tuesday, June 26, 2007

oh no kobayashi

My brother stayed with us for a few days a couple months ago and we got hooked on this site
It was here that we spent endless hours reviewing Eater Profiles, Rankings and Records. Funny to think some guy is walking around out there shaking hands and letting you know he also holds the turducken eating record at 7 3/4 pounds in 12 minutes.

We also talked about how much we thought we could eat in a competition. Funny thing is, I entered an eating competition once. It was a pizza eating competition. We went to Hot Mamas, Bills off Broadway and Pagliacci. I lost.
But....I did eat one slice at Hot Mamas, half a large pizza at Bills and 3/4 slice at Pagliacci. Now that is nothing to shake a stick at.

My heart is out to you Kobayashi.

Something from the history books:


Anonymous said...

that host sure gives insightful post-game: "sometimes you get the bear & sometimes the bear gets you. tonight- the bear got kobayashi."

TOP HAT said...


why don't more hoes come down with jaw arthritis?!? that's my real quesetion.

Anonymous said...