Friday, June 15, 2007

Indian Food

So for going on close to 10 years I have been anti Indian I had some that wasn't that bad. Perhaps all these years that I have stayed away from the classic spice was because of this dish I had at this Indian buffet in Olympia. From what I remember about that buffet is that I sampled a dish which contained curry sauce and hardboiled eggs. If it doesn't sound good, you are with me on this, because it was disgusting. Perhaps it was how it was prepared? After searching the web I found that this is a popular recipe, but its just not for me.

For lunch I went to Chutneys Grille on the Hill--which is on 15th. I was invited by some co-workers so instead of hatin' on the food, I went to get down on their buffet. I cannot tell you what I ate because I am very ignorant about Indian dishes. I had some tofu which was great, and some chicken which was good...and some cabbage salad which basically had mayo and raisins. Now you have to be in the mood for a buffet or really hungry to get the value of your purchase. For 9 dollars you get the buffet and naan which they make for you upon your arrival. Damn, I could go there just to eat that naan. The scene is mellow I think only two other tables had guests and it was noon.

So maybe I will try some other Indian spots or attempt to make some Indian curry on my own. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

does this mean i'll be able to some Indian food again? man the world is changing everyday. Huzzah!

CrumbYum said...

My Indian experiences have been similar to that of White Pepper. And in a similar moment I too recently decided to give it another try. I put my pallete in my girlfriends hands and let her guide me to her favorite Indian food restaurant, which lead us the the U. District. We ate at the Taste of India, 5517 Roosevelt Way NE, and I don't know what we ate, but I liked it!!! I look forward to trying more stuff off of their menu, and I also learned that they make nearly everything from scratch including the naan.

aekae said...

you gotta hit cedars in the u district (brooklyn & 50th, i think...?). best indian food hands down PLUS it's like a fun game to see how many times the wait staff will come fill up your water glass. trust me, you'll never see the bottom of that cup.

the butter chicken is the crackingest.

mike said...

you always tend to suck at life and eating. Oyu dont like indian? its all sloppy and full of taste and then you get a shitload of tasty bread? and you hate it?

god, its times like these that make me wonder why I bother.

hey next thing you know chips suck and then tacos tast like ass.

why do you have a blog again?