Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Is it just me or do we have a lack of solid sandwich spots in Seattle. It very well might be me..not knowing where to go. Here are a few places I think are good.

1. Tats
This place has a solid selection and the people who work there are great. my brother really likes the tat'strami...i enjoy the chicken sub with wing sauce. I should also mention this place really gets behind their philly steaks. Since I am not a fan of philly cheese steaks...i cant back them up. And if you are on some east coast shit, they have tastkakes! the bread here is good and the portions are nice as well. Only thing is--you need to avoid the lunch rush..people line up to get in the door.

2. Honeyhole
Since i live on the hill, this place is within walking distance to my house. even though i have been here like a million times, i always find something to eat. i like the el guapo...and the summer babe...and the egg sandwich...hmmm, the only thing that has done me wrong is the texas tease.
Plus they have a full bar in the evening. The music here is generally good, and even if it is busy you can still eat at the bar.

So here are only a few...let me know where some other spots are!


mike said...

Tats "philly cheesesteak" is pretty good but it's not like the real thing. They use to high of a grade of beef so it taste differnet and the texture is too meat-like. And second a fucking sandwich, tastycakes and can of sada should not cost 15 bucks. It's a fuckin sandwich.

Peace to the peanut butter cups making me feel like I was 9rs old again.

aekae said...

the fries at honey hole are the truth as well. drinks are stiff and the sammiches are's all around a solid bet.


ndrwmtsn said...

the best sandwich in seattle (for its price) is the vietnamese banh mi.

cause they were colonized by france, the roll is on point (as is the coffee), and its carrot/cilantro/jalapeno/daikon radish/mayo combo is dynamite. i go with chicken; the ham is popular but so-so unless you get the bbq version which is kind of like half-strength ham jerky. it's good. someplaces have tofu and sardine options but i don't eat that shit. i get mine at the saigon deli (there are many) at like 13th & jackson i think.

they are $2 and big enough to count as a meal. unless you just got piffed, then you can eat two but i always regret that.

mike said...

Paseo in Fremont is the truth but i've only been there once cuz whos driving to Fremont for a damn sandwich.

CrumbYum said...

Ohhhh that Saigon Deli on 12th and Jackson or something like that is grubbin. I don't recommend it after 5pm cause they make everything that morning, but that place is the cheese.

Alright though...for Seattle sandwiches I'm laying them down for yall in order of taste and fare price for the taste:
1. Salumi's (pricey, but not like Tat's and the best fucking sando in the world)
2. Bakeman's (freshly roasted turkey every day and you can get cranberry sauce for like 50 cents extra)
3. Three Sisters (it's in the market...grubbin).
4. Honeyhole (consistent, good prices, and a bar!)

p.s. I love sandwiches and once took a job at Quizno's just for free sando's...they are lame no free sando's that gig didn't work out.

kj said...

ahem, still, i dont think white pepper has tried the baguette box, even upon strong urgings from fellow sandwich lovers. drunken chicken (i hear) is amazing...i go for the braised tofu which ranges from good to holy shit.

its a twist on bahn mi...better baguettes though...crustier and more french than french-vietnamese.

TOP HAT said...

and another thing, aekae is correct (see factoria mall post), the other coast sammich shop is for real. since im not a DT-worker, but a former boogie-down ballard resident, ive dined many times at this crowd-pleasing establishment. ive even swung by to get a double coleslaw to go, yes!

their hot sandwiches are gooey and messy, which is a problem if you dont like washing your hands in public, but for the everyday cold sandwich-lover, everything on the board is solid. they serve boar's head, which im sure you like, though i do not partake...and then hot veg is great. cheesy.

and that coleslaw is all dipset purple cabbage shreds with a peppery mayo dress. get the double, it's worth the $4.

mike said...

Other coast is pretty good too. again, not authentic at all but fuckin good, eithe way.

the hot reuben is a phenomenal finger food.

CarboOverload said...

My favorite Seattle sandwich is the reuben from Elliot Bay Pizza Company on the top of QA. All their sandwiches are good.

To echo crumyum's review, Bakeman's turkey sandwich is great and Honeyhole always delivers. I vacillate between Chaci's Favorite and the Buford T. Justice.

Re: Three Sisters, not a fan however love Three Girls which is also in the market and often confused w/ Three Sisters. Three Girls tuna, try it.