Tuesday, June 26, 2007

¿Que nos recomienda?

I know I spend a lot of time eating on Capitol Hill. I will chalk that up to convenience. One thing I do know, is that every time I get a really bad craving for Mexican food I have to leave the Hill. Now let me break it down on the places around here to choose from.

Taqueria Express on Broadway
Taco Del Mar on Broadway
Torero's on Broadway
La Puerta on Broadway (recently moved from Pine)
La Cocina Cantina on Broadway
Galerias on Broadway
Taco Bell on Broadway

96% of these places don't have websites or I would have linked for your viewing pleasure.I have had mediocre if not horrible food at 100% of these places. If I had to rank these places it would look like this from bad to worst.

(too expensive for what you get, mean staff. great chips and salsa)
(overpriced, salty and questionable meat. yet great staff and good tv)
La Cocina Cantina
(people i personally know have gotten sick eating there. great mexican pizza, good green salsa)
Taqueria Express
(once got a burrito with a chicken bone in it. good authentic menu items)
La Puerta
(overall bad food and service, worst sangria i have ever had)
Taco Del Mar
(wet soggy burritos, overpriced and strange fusion of flavors)
Taco Bell
(do i have to say why? only thing good is anything without meat or at 2am)

Someone please tell me I have just accidentally missed a good place to eat Mexican food on the Hill! Better yet, someone tell me where to eat good Mexican food in the 206!

ps. I would eat chips and salsa at all of the above places, something most places haven't figured out how to fuck up.


TOP HAT said...

why no tacos guaymas? though the caphill installation is not my favorite, it's hard to go wrong with guaymas. chile rellenos like whoa.

tail feather said...

guaymas all day long. pike & broadway, where qfc is.

holler at the wet chile verde burrito. plus chips & salsa.


mike said...

Yeah, you missed the best, and closest to you for that matter mexi-place on the hill. the Fremont location is great.

In Rinconcita (sp?) in Burien had me convinced it was gonna be great and it wasn't at all. My stuff wasn't bad but it wasn't actually good either. Kendall's sucked shit.

Malena's in Ballard is complete garbage.

I hear good things about Muy Macho over by boeing in whatever that area is called but have never been.

White Pepper said...

Oh, Tacos Guaymas on Pike and Broadway....that is what I meant by Taqueria Express...fucking served me a chicken bone.


CrumbYum said...

Oh my fucking Mexican-Jesus do you guys not know of any good Mexican food in Seattle? So fucking shameful.

The 2 close spots to the Hill that i can think of are Galito's down Madison and the 2nd spot has a very limited selection but if you want authentic they are close to the boarder. I can't remember the name of it though. It's right by ZigZag down the Market stairs. You know it.

Outside of there I'm not down w/ their prices, but Sumbrero in Columbia city can bring it.

Back to the Tequila and Training Wheels amigos

tail feather said...

bitch, just come to mi casa if you want mexican food.