Monday, December 31, 2007

salty's brunch: best office party ever

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the best thing to happen to my annual office christmas party was the office manager's decision to do brunch at salty's instead of dinner at some seattle restaurant institution. i was so gleefully anticipating brunch that crab puff fairies and oysters danced in my dreams. salty's, you did not disappoint!

my eyes were overwhelmed with mountains of shrimp and crab legs cascading over a bed of ice. there was a warmer of clarified butter to my left, and a giant steel martini-shaped container overflowing with cocktail sauce. the crab legs were sweet, succulent, and rich with briney sea-flavor. wowzers. i hadn't had dungeness in such a long time...and WOW.

clams. mussels. butter. need i say more??

this was my first plate: pineapple, oysters, horseradish, cocktail sauce, salmon mousse, red onions/capers, gravlox, shrimp, and crab legs. i wrapped salmon mousse, red onions, capers, and horseradish in gravlox. mmm.

eggs bene. a brunch classic. i don't really do eggs, but suge said it was tasty.

my second plate, you'll see some familiar faces: gravlox, capers/red onion, crab legs, potatoes o'brien, and macaroni and cheese (i picked out the numerous buttons of sausage, they were so cute!).

juicy ham, carved just for you! the ham station was embedded amongst suge went with a mini waffle, syrup, and slices of ham.

seafood paella! i didn't get down with the rice because i knew it would fill me up like no other, but it sure looked good! and i saw people go back for seconds of it.

suge's final plate: ham, bacon, gravlox, sausage mac and cheese, waffle with whipped butter, and a dainty cream puff.

the cake stands were so cute and festive for the holiday brunch that i had to capture it for you k&s readers.

lemon tarts! perfectly sweet and sour. i love lemon bars, and these were so dainty and deceivingly filling that i figured i could at least have one to help cap off my meal.

the spice cake had these little crabapples adorning each slice, and i thought they were camphone worthy. i snagged that one apple in the bottom of the frame out of curiosity. they're carefully baked and basted with a light simple syrup. sweet and mellow.

the pumpking pies were adorable. there had to have been at least 50 of them scattered on the platter. i wish i had my real camera so that i could snap a wider photo and used it at stationary!
last, but not least, i had to make use of the decadently cheesy chocolate fountain. i am opposed to these three levels of billowing chocolate simply because they're so lame, however, i felt compelled by the spirit of k&s. i have to say, the strawberries were damn good.

thanks salty's! high five!

1936 Harbor Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98126

(206) 937-1600

Salty's on Alki in Seattle


ndrwmtsn said...

damn that looks so rad

White Pepper said...

i have had salty's brunch before but it wasnt this good looking. shit.

nice office party yo.

Suge White said...

It was delicious, total gluttony and carnage and I loved every minute of it.

More crab? Why the hell not!

There multiple stations we never even hit due to bandwidth constraints, or maybe it was pantwidth constraints, same diff.

I would recoomend wrapping your head around an 80 dollar brunch for two and just bite the bullet and DO IT...DO IT.

stevenjared0853 said...

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