Monday, December 3, 2007

Sometimes Satellite Lounge

The Satellite Lounge is so hit or miss. Seriously. Sometimes the service is great and the bar food is totally on point. Other times, the service lacks and the food is not awesome. But I dont think people go to the Satellite because of the things listed above. This place is the perfect spot to meet people before you head to a show at Chop Suey or stop by for happy hour. Another thing that is great about this place is that it is big. Big enough for you to always get a table with a group of 5 or more. A week or so ago we all met up and I grabbed some quick food before heading out.

My brother started with a slider...which he claimed to be quite tasty.

I went for the chicken strips and fries. The fries were so hot, salty and perfectly cooked. The chicken was also very hot and tasty. Really, you have to be a total moron to fuck up fried food. At first I thought it was undercooked but after examination I found it was just my eyesight. The spicy sauce on the side was also a nice touch. The heat in this sauce was kickin. I can tell you I have ordered this before and the sauce never came with it. Consistency is definitely lacking.

The last thing which is very important to the heavy pours that are always happening here at the Satellite. If anything, you know this place is down to get you messed up.


1118 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122-3916

Satellite Lounge in Seattle


TekkaDon Juan said...

those fries were hot!

also, the hummus plate, deep fried goodness (little dumplings of cheese and olives), and fried zucchini coins are great happy hour fare. only think i dislike about that damn place is that those hush puppies were taken off the menu...WTF!!!


The Satellite is the perfect example of a bar whose food compliments the heavy pour. I have fond memories of sharing hush puppies with the regular in the white beard. I am not sure if it was the mood set by the jukebox or the hush puppies themselves that made them fabulous, but I will always love them hush puppies and the crappy service that came with. Another favorite spot of mine like this is the Kort Haus on Phinney Ridge. The owner's daughter is the nicest bitch there ever was and her dad has put every kind of meat imaginable on the menu. You can play pool next to the fridges full of meat, all while gettin your drink on. Classic and yet still classy.