Saturday, December 15, 2007

the Green Leaf

So before meeting up with friends I thought I would wonder into China Town for a tasty soup. Soup always works well for me before doing some serious drinking. It doesn't put me to sleep like a burger can but puts something filling in there.

The Green Leaf is sort of new...2 years young. Located by the House of Hong on 8th and Jackson this is a very quaint place. By that I mean that the waiting area can be with butts on your table. However, my soup was superb. I enjoyed the broth so much that I sipped half of it before even picking up my chopsticks for the other contents inside.

I ordered #33, which as I recall, is egg noodles, fried chicken strips, baby boc choy, brussel sprouts, button mushrooms, and carrots. Not like a pho soup this was more of a brown broth and with the chicken being fried delivered great flavor. I'm not so much of a broccoli fan and ended up pushing those to the side. Grand total, I drank ice water, was $7.60. They got VERY busy. I arrived at 5:15 and was seated right away, but within 30 minutes the place was full with a 20 minute waiting list.

It's a sneaky place surrounded with other eateries, but what I ordered was delicious!
Have fun & Happy Holidays!


ndrwmtsn said...

yeah butts on your table

ndrwmtsn said...

Green Leaf

Where: 418 Eighth Ave. S., Seattle (206-340-1388).

Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily.

AT THIS BUSTLING 2-year-old Vietnamese restaurant, a dozen or so tables are set this close, and it's all I can do not to take my fancy wooden chopsticks in hand and steal a beefy bundle of la lot off the stranger-next-door's vermicelli bowl. I wouldn't put it past me, though the prudent thing would be to first offer up a gift: perhaps a big charred prawn from my crunchy green papaya salad or a plump fried-duck drumstick culled from the depths of a bowlful of egg noodles. But once I get my hands around the bountiful banh xeo (after wrapping that lacy, marvelously messy, pork-, shrimp- and sprout-filled pancake with herbs and leaf lettuce), nobody's getting a bite! Bargain prices, elegant tableware, a surprising wine list and the warmest service imaginable are part of the reason this Vietnamese cafe swiftly became a Chinatown International District favorite. Is it any surprise that Seattle's warm embrace has emboldened owner Peter Kuang to expand? Green Leaf shoots skyward with a second-story dining room, slated to open by year's end and — hallelujah! — doubling seating capacity.

TekkaDon Juan said...

credits, ndrw?

CrumbYum said...

wow, someone really is related to this restaurant. either that or they boned in the bathroom cause the memories are strong with this one. that and the food really is grubbin.
eat well all!

ndrwmtsn said...

seattle times, somebody, not me

CrumbYum said...

i found the write up in the times! that's cool

CrumbYum said...

I did it again!!!! Oh yeah, last night I was cruisin around and thought to Yes, now that is a good idea.

This time I got the duck noodle soup with egg noodles with chinese brocoli and big mushroom caps. Once again the broth was delish! You know what else was awesome...they gave me a whole duck leg and then a thigh. Now that makes this guy tell a story.

My date, I wasn't as impressed with her food. Some spicy shrimp dish with lemon grass. Our appetizers oh yeah. Grill on a stick Lemon grass & mushroom caps. Also, they have a fried wonton or something in their spring rolls (pork & shrim). They were grubbin and good prices. All that and she got a glass of red for $40.

That's so solid! I drank water again. I have enough booze at home I don't need a 200% markup on my snacks.

White Pepper said...

make it happen crumbyum, next time you go there call me. i promise to pick up my phone.

TekkaDon Juan said...

know where i want to go? wholesome vegetasia. what about that name doesn't scream come try me???