Friday, December 7, 2007

broadway's salsa verde is so bomb

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gosh i love tacos guaymas! my favorite outpost is in fremont, but on those days when i don't want to make that trek 'cross town, the broadway installation does the trick.

just check out the amazing interior decor...the space is pretty industrial with a 20ft-ish ceiling, but they make it a little more inviting with faux foliage, anatomically-exaggerated murals, and insanely bright, sponged walls.

one selling point for all guaymas's is the salsa bar. they have salsas rojas of varying heat intensities, salsa verde (bomb), chipotle salsa, pickled jalapenos/onions/carrots, pico de gallo, and avocado sauce. m always orders the chips, but it's really not necessary. they are usually the element that push my fullness-factor over the edge.

m. got a single carnitas taco filled with cubed carnitas, chopped tomato, and onion...pretty standard and always enjoyable.

he also went for the tortilla soup; a bit out of the norm for this diner, but it was chilly outside. he usually orders chips and salsa, ceviche de pescado, and two tacos (carnitas and/or pescado). he said that the broth was quite "flavorful," aka salty. i was curious, so i sipped a was indeed salty, but it was really the strong flavor of animal that threw me off. the bowl was also the size of a halved NBA-regulation basketball, so m had to do some deep sea diving to salvage the last remains of chicken shreds and cheese.

a. ordered the wet chicken burrito...he went in thinking that he would get chicken enchiladas, but neighboring diners had burritos, and he ran with that inspiration. it looked great. meaty. cheesy. delicious. enormous. perfect to wash down with a negra modelo.

i'm nothing, if not consistent. i always get the chile's just so perfect: poblano stuffed with cheese, dipped in a fluffy egg batter, then flash-fried until the cheese is molten lava. the last time i ate at broadway guaymas, the relleno wasn't hot enough, hence the cheese was more like playdough, and there wasn't enough red sauce. this time, the sauce was plentiful, and the relleno was hot. my only hangup was that the cheese wasn't hot and leaky enough....i think their oil was perhaps too hot, so the exterior was browned to perfection and the chile was hot, but the cheese just didn't have enough time to tranform into that tasty magma.

this little video is bizarre, but it was one of the first things that came up when i googled "tacos guaymas." enjoy: a day @ tacos guaymas. i don't know what would possess this man to eat so many burritos, but it is impressive.

1415 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 322-7311

Tacos Guaymas in Seattle


White Pepper said...

man, i am not a fan of this place...i do not know what it is. BUT perhaps it is because I am holding on to a bad experience. I might have to try it again....cuz who the fuck doesnt like a salsa bar!!?!?!?

Suge White said...

If you don't like this place you should never ever again think you like Mexican food and you should probably rethink your credibility as a food reviewer.

it's really like that.

ndrwmtsn said...

in fact, if you didn't personally smell suge's post-guaymas salsa breath and absolutely love it, you should go commit suicide right now

Anonymous said...

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