Wednesday, December 12, 2007

rice 'n' roll & red mango

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ah, rice'n'roll....i remember when this small chain opened up downtown along madison, and there was a huge buzz because it was cheap, fast, and affordable downtown lunch fare. several months later, an outpost opened up in bellevue square, a nice addition to the sparse food selections in that mall.

white pepper went with the combo #2 meal, which was a neat little package of 4 slices of california roll, 4 slices of spicy tuna, and a side of edamame. it looked so perfect! there were so many options on the menu, i panicked and didn't even see the combo meals (or the awesome handwritten bento options on a sheet of paper by the register, stupid!). she can comment more on her meal, but it looked great, and in the end, there was nothing left but a pile of edamame shells and a whisper-thin slice of pickled ginger.

i went with the double tuna: spicy tuna topped with slices of more tuna! boy do i love maguro. it's seriously been one of my favorite things in the world, ever since my grandma (rest her soul) introduced me to the goods when i was but a wee babe. rice'n'roll did not disappoint. since i just ordered the roll, i got a hefty 8 slices of tasty tuna. i was surprised that the spicy tuna was actually spicy (my heat tolerance is quite high), and it was good. i'm not going to go into the texture/flavor of the rice and the technique because, come on, this is mall food, and it did exactly what i wanted. it was quick, inexpensive, filling, and delicious.

when we first arrived, we passed by a red mango, which is a korean frozen yogurt joint, much like crazyberry and pinkberry. the selections were a little different than the ones at crazyberry; they had more fruit selections available at the same time, cinnamon toast crunch, ghiradelli dark chocolate, and granola (all of which cb doesn't have). also, if you click on the menu picture, you can see that they have a TWO TOPPING option!!! at crazyberry you either get one topping or three...and you can get two, but you'll just have to pay for three, and then why the hell not get three at that point?!?! yeah, pissed me off, too.

the fro-yo slanger also wears a uniform. unfortunately i couldn't snap a good picture of her get up (since she looked a little self-conscious to begin with). you'll just have to imagine: red visor with logo, mango-hued short-sleeved shirt with white long-sleeved underneath, red apron with logo, side ponytail (i think her creative addition).

i went with the raspberry/slivered almond combo. i love slivered almonds, especially in frozen yogurt. mmm! also, fresh raspberries??? yes please! the yogurt is actually quite distinct. it was more creamy and almost left a greasy feeling around the corner of my lips (gross), whereas crazyberry's is more ice crystal-y. also, red mango's base was lest tangy than crazyberry's (i am a fan of the tart yogurt flavor).

pepp got almonds and coconut. delicious. i love coconut, too...i should have gotten that as my third topping, but i felt like i should take advantage of the two topping option.

the red spoons were so choice! i really liked them, and they were heavy duty! small details count in my book.

overall, i'll most likely visit crazyberry more because it's so convenient (broadway), and i enjoy the yogurt base more. however, thanks bellevue square! i enjoyed your wares and food selections on my eastside foray.

Rice-n-Roll (Bellevue) in Bellevue

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Anonymous said...

looks so tasty!

White Pepper said...

yeah, that sushi was pretty good for the damn mall. i thought the fish was fresh and had good flavor...for most likely being frozen. Big shout out to crab with a k.

damn you red mango, you are good. I think you have a creamy flavor which bootleg berry does not have. But you do not have that nice sour taste that bootleg berry does.

man, im hungry.
nice post

ndrwmtsn said...

you guys go to bellevue square everyday huh