Saturday, December 8, 2007

Still Kurrent

Happy Hour can be a fun thing if you find the right spot. A few friends of mine who are on the edge of one of the best jewelry businesses ever started (click here)....stopped by Kurrent to plan out our empire and to grab a few snacks and a drink.

Now, I have been to Kurrent before as you most likely read below. But I didnt have the chance to eat there until now. I tried to order the cocktails that I attempted to order last time, which the bartender told me they no longer make. But this time, instead of telling me that the bartender who invented them is no longer there, this server told me they were off the menu because they were disgusting.
Hmmm..... GET A NEW MENU. Anyway, Im not mad. I decided to try the bloody mary, which was quite spicy and tasty.
K. and R. both had standard cocktails as well. Margarita and Martini....classy.

Next we got down on some tofu fries which I was really hoping to try. They were good. Nicely cooked and served with a garlic and paprika aioli. We also tried the "signature" crab cakes. I though these were pretty good too. Nice spice and consistency of the cake. I would have preferred them to be served a little bit hotter, but they were fine. I dont know why they are called signature because they tasted pretty standard to me. They were also served with a sriacha aioli. Nice use of never occured to me to mix it with basically mayo.

Now on to the cracklin calamari salad, which was nice and spicy. I am not a huge fan of calamari but it was good and not full of grease. It might be hard to tell from the picture but the fried calamari was sitting on a bead of cabbage and onions. I navigated around the bell peppers (not a fan) and enjoyed the light soy dressing covering the dish.

We really wanted to try the crab artichoke melt but apparently they rant out and were in the process of making more which according to our server would take several hours. So he offered to buy us another appetizer. We choose the garlic vegetable satay. Which I think you can take one glance of and realize it was not that impressive. I mean come on. Tofu and bell peppers? I was at the minimum hoping for like a piece of squash. I will admit the peanut sauce was tasty, but this dish is totally boring. And if you are not on happy hour its gonna cost you $9.50. No way.

Overall, I think this is a good place to meet a few people. They have a cool little nook with a fireplace which was perfect for us to lay out our beads. And the happy hour prices make it a bit more convincing to eat there. I am not impressed by this food but it was tasty. Next time I might move into the realm of trying and entree because the pictures on their website look good.

Good luck Kurrent your bar seems out of place right now but you might feel better once the huge condo goes up across the street.

600 East Pine
Mon-Sat 11am-2am
Sun 11am-11pm
ps. they have valet if you are that guy or if you hate trying to park on cap hill

Kurrent Restaurant and Ice Bar in Seattle

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TekkaDon Juan said...

damnit, i wrote a whole thing and it timed out. wtf.

food was okay...better than average, but im not really ready to say that it was goodgood.

the crabcakes were quite crabby and weren't all breadcrumb filling, which was a nice change of pace.

the calamari had a nice spicy soy dressing that was tasty tossed with the nappa and bell peppers...the calamari chunks were a little bigger than i would have liked, but overall not bad.

the satay was bunk, though. wtf, like i want to eat two cubes of tofu and two chunks of bell pepper on a stick. oh wait, didnt i just eat that in the rest of the dishes, but just not skewered? that's right. also, i wasnt into the peanut sauce. it had a strange flowery taste to me, which i couldnt shake.