Saturday, January 5, 2008


I can guarantee if I do not know what to eat for dinner or have food in the house King's Teriyaki is the first place I think of. This is because it is less than one block from my house. Not only does King's have your standard teriyaki they also host several other japanese dishes. The menu full of large pictures lines the walkway into the restaurant. The number of options is endless, you can totally find something to eat here.

Lately I have gotten down on the bento box which is by far one of the best options because you get a little bit of everything and it is only like 8 bucks. The miso soup is pretty good but could use a little more tofu. I really like the chicken teriyaki because it isnt too sweet and more on the savory side. You can bet that the sushi is good and fresh...the only thing I could pass on are the pot stickers because they lack flavor are are too greasy. I even get down on the small green salad because the dressing is sweet and spicy.

If you get take out you can wait in the small restaurant and sip on some hot tea from a classic styrofoam cup.

Kings Teriyaki
1831 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122


tekkadon juan said...

hmm, never been here, nor am i entirely sure i know where it is, but im sure ive passed it about a zillion times.

im glad you mentioned the requisite green salad teriyaki accompaniment...i love that shitty iceberg lettuce with a couple strands of dried up carrot and purple cabbage. that sweet/spicy mayo/ranch dressing is so choice, it makes iceberg bomb.

CrumbYum said...


I love me some Terriyaki. I also love eateries that have pictures of their dishes on the wall. Big Fan. Huge!