Sunday, January 20, 2008

an in-depth study of the ancient aztecs

sunday. lunchtime. bellevue. hankering for traditional mexican cuisine. all signs pointed to azteca.

how can you take this disney-mexi-land seriously? suge and i met up with a friend and his growing family here for a little post-christmas get together. though i'm not enamored with azteca in any way, this place is great for families. they have high chairs, booster seats, cribs, all sorts of contraptions for children of all ages.

suge went for the "tres amigos," which was a combo of chile verde, chile colorado, and a chile relleno. he said it was decent...nothing crazy, but not bad. it came on a plate that was so large that it could have been an actual trash can lid.

i wasn't super hungry, so i went with the chile relleno. i didn't know it was supposed to come with beans and rice, but hey, no biggie. the chile relleno was strange. the egg batter was really thick, and it almost had a custard consistency in the center. the chile itself was a little undercooked, so there was some bite back to the flesh. and lastly, the cheese wasn't quite hot enough. my critique should be taken with a grain of salt, though, since i like the cheese to be molten and hot enough to sear human flesh. however, the cheese should have oozed out when i cut was clearly not melted enough.

all in all, i was kind of dreading going to azteca, but it wasn't bad. it was decent. i wouldn't go there again if i had the choice, but that's not to say that azteca doesn't have a time and a place.

Azteca Mexican Restaurant (Bellevue) in Bellevue


Suge White said...

I hate/love it. Perfect for meeting up with a freind with a Mormon sized family.

They serve you quick too.

Anonymous said...

azteca hits teh fucking spot sometimes. shit i'd kill for an azteca on sick of the fuckin mexican situation on the hill...(no suge)

Anonymous said...

and who's got all the crumbsnatchers? doug?

Suge White said...

Yeah, Doug got 3 seeds, dunny.

Gyumas is about 4 billion times better then Azteca.

Anonymous said...

i went to guymas last night and i didnt get my melted cheese fix said...

just come to my house.

melted cheese for days.

Suge White said...

Dats cuz real mexican food aint that cheesy dewd.

White Pepper said...

eastlake azteca is the truth.

shout out to azteca happy hour and their ice cold glasses of beer.

make sure to ask for the bean dip with your chips and salsa (see previous post about azteca)