Saturday, January 26, 2008

Turkey in a Wisconsin Garage

I grew up in Wisconsin where I learned to deal with winter temperatures that included negative numbers. After a recent visit I realized I am no longer equipped to deal with such coldness, oh what a wuss I have become. My dad now lives outside of the Milwaukee area where the snow sticks and the Green Bay Packers are life. A few years ago I found out my dad bought a turkey fryer and I kept telling him when I came to visit he was required to deep fry a turkey for me and that he did.

My dad bought a turkey breast since only four of us were eating the bird. He started by injecting it with some sort of cajun seasoning which was amazing to watch and it made me want to get one of those flavor injectors.

Next we headed to the garage where my dad set up the deal. He warned me that you should not do this in the garage but hell he was going to do it anyway, he is a professional and a fire fighter so I figured we were safe.

After standing around enjoying a few bourbon drinks waiting for the oil to get hot we lowered the turkey into the hot ass oil. After a few minutes the garage started smelling like cooked turkey and oil. My dad was explaining to me how easy it would be to start your garage on fire...and we just kept laughing as he kept he eagle eye on the flame.

As he raised the turkey out of the oil bath I just wanted to reach in and rip off the skin. Damn! It was cooked perfectly and it only took 30 min!

This was my first experience ever eating a deep fried turkey and I must say it was delicious. It lived up to everything I have ever heard and read about the phenomenon. The injected seasoning was right on and the meat was so juicy. My dad needs to take a lesson on cutting turkey but maybe my brother can show him. Not only did he cut the meat thin he kept eating the nice pieces he cut and his holy "cracklins" aka fried skin. I ate so much turkey that night and that damn turkey breast was completely picked dry by the end of the night.

How can you truly go wrong with anything deep fried? I wish I had one of these fryers but it is another reason to go home to Wisconsin.


Suge White said...

looks gewd

I got to buy a turkey fryer in 08

TekkaDon Juan said...

that cajun injection looks tasty. maybe i should start with seasoning-injected agedashi tofu. hmm....

MTK said...

Im hopping over from Raindrop today. We've done this for the last 2 years and just per the name I was initially apprehensive to do it, but the end product speaks for itself. It's really, really good.

White Pepper said...

Suge please get a turkey fryer in 08. We need this in our lives.

amelia said...

Hey Turkey Fryers of Southern Wisconsin! I will gladly take your waste fryer oil off of your hands when you are finished with it! Please contact me if your are interested in having it picked up.



amelia said...

Hey Turkey Fryers of Southern WI!

I will gladly take your waste fryer oil off of your hands when you are finished with it! Just let me know where and when I can pick it up.