Friday, January 25, 2008


Oh yeah, before I forget about this.

Just a warning not to eat the Boneless Wings at Rocksport in West Seattle. The dragon sauce was not hot but more importantly these boneless wings were sliced and minced pieces of chicken rolled in sauce and served up with some carrots and celery.It was literally like they shaved the meat off the chicken wings and served them on a plate. Perhaps I should have asked for clarification but 99% of the time I have ordered boneless wings they were basically chicken strips in some tasty wing sauce.

It was also taco tuesday which means you get two tacos for $2....make sure you hit the condiment bar or you are gonna find yourself eating some dry meat and tortillas.

.Hot Mess.

Rocksport has a long list of sandwiches, burgers, steaks and other bar eats all of which seem pretty standard which leads me to believe I made a bad choice. Better luck next time!

We did end up having fun that night regardless of the shitty pre-funk food. Shout out to West Seattle you are the perfect place to celebrate a birthday and host a midweek pub crawl.



Anonymous said...

how did we BOTH order that hot garbage???
goddamn i woulda LOVED a dry-ass taco at that point.
peace to sober partying

TekkaDon Juan said...

those "boneless wings" were trash. it was like a plate of chicken leavin's boiled to near dryness, then doused with a wet, drippy "dragon" sauce. gross. seriously unacceptable.

i got the grilled tuna salad sandwich. tasty, crispy, served with rocksport's famous fries. their fries are so perfect. boy do i love them. :)

i'm sorry the both of you got that shit on a plate. no dipping sauce could have saved that hot mess. also, why are your sauce options for "wings" ranch, ketchup, and TERIYAKI???? WTF rocksport. step your shit up, and if not have a bleu cheese option, at least batter and quick-fry your "boneless wings." idiots. said...

peace to lar and his "i'll have a pineapple juice...yes, just a pineapple juice" method. i had pneumonia and i drank so much i did karaoke. sack up and drink next time you're sick, fool!

and ps: the fries at rocksport are really the only way to go. holler.