Tuesday, January 15, 2008

more z buddy's for your eye holes

just some more pictures from the previous post's event so you can get a better idea of what really went down:

the appetizer menu. i love how they offer both tots and fries. mmm. potato.

i don't know if you can really read this, but it's worth enlarging. casseroles! just like mom used to make!

this is a real, live fried burger which was stuffed with bacon and blue cheese. l-bear can comment more on his meal, but the idea was so ridiculous, he went for it. unfortunately, i do remember him saying that the burger was too small for the potato bun. BOOO.

how do you fuck up a vegetarian sandwich on toasted sourdough?

this, my friends, is how.

larry aptly deemed it a mini-golf course. damn you, zayda!!!

Zayda Buddy's Pizza in Seattle


Anonymous said...

that burger was bullshit. the joint i got @ fudrucker's in milwuakee SMASHED that

Suge White said...

Fudruckers is pretty bomb. I haven't been to one in like 20 yrs. When you are a kid that name sounds like curse word which makes it even more fun. That and you can get a billion pickles.