Thursday, November 29, 2007

one week commemorative post for TG

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so i never wrote about my first warm, sunny thanksgiving in california, and what better day to write about it than one week later! here's the spread: creamy potatoes with just the perfect amount of hand-mashed lumps in it, cranberry orange relish, requisite canned cranberry jelly, apple/cranberry/onion stuffing, coleslaw (a TG first for me), amazing, baked corn pudding, sweet potatoes w pecan crust, broiled brussel sprouts tossed w toasted pecans, suge-doctored gravy, homemade rolls, and lastly a little plate with black olives and sweet gherkins.

the mashed potatoes were great. i personally use a ricer because it's so simple and fast. my dad also bought me one for xmas several years ago because when he got one, we would make mashed potatoes all the time because it was so much fun to use. these potatoes, however, were hand-mashed. i loved the little, toothsome lumps, and they weren't overworked and gluey, which often happens w a masher.

the brussel sprouts were pretty good. they were a little dry from waiting in the oven after broiling, but that was easily rectified by dousing them in gravy and using them as a plow to pick up gravy and potatoes in one bite.

ah, sweet potatoes, i love you! this dish basically tasted like pie, just not as rich with cream and eggs. a little bit of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and mace...i added pepper to mine because i love that sweet/savory line sweet potatoes walk.

here's m's plate. it's basically a tower off food crested by slices of turkey. though it looked good, and the bird was the perfect shade of california tan, i resisted and stuck to the sides.

and here's my plate. notice the slice of corn pudding to the right. that was the BOMB; sweet corn kernels suspended in corn meal custard, omg. it was so good. a little cracked pepper on that baby, and wowsers. i still need to ask suge's mom for that recipe.

also, a visit from suge and me brought out the fine china! note the noritake landon 4111 pattern. holllllllller.

aaaaaaaaand the end.


White Pepper said...

that looks amazing.

i still have a few pieces of turkey left from my brothers meal. damn you thanksgiving...i miss you. said...

make that corn pudding.

Suge White said...

Those pics make it look like it was a civilized affair.

Anonymous said...

noritake 41111111111111 what? wtf are you talking about? sounds like some manner of boojh. and delicious!

Suge White said...

It's some old lady china pattern that my moms likes. We sent her a two tier serving thing as a thank you.