Friday, November 9, 2007


For years this restaurant (lark) has been recommended to me and many times I got to the front door and turned around either b/c the wait was 3 days long or the food was too fancy for the occasion. So last night for the first time I tried it and thought the food was great.
We shared 5 plates: Chicken Liver Parfait with Huckleberries, Fennel and Arugula salad with Champagne Vinaigrette, Yellowtail Carpaccio, Grilled Wild Mushrooms and Beef Tartare. All good and the portions were decent. I had heard complaints of "two frog legs served over a carrot stick" but I didn't have the same experience. Split a bottle of Pinot Noir and for something sweet, warm mini madeleines served with a bittersweet chocolate dipping sauce (awesome). Bill was $150.00, definitely not inexpensive but I've seen worse.
Regarding ambiance, the place is kind of bright when you first walk in which I think is a turn off but you get used to it. Service was knowledgeable but slow especially since outside of the mushrooms, nothing was cooked. I'm not in a huge rush, but I will go back.


CrumbYum said...

Wow, that is a nice sounding menu. I wonder if they have a corkage fee and I could bring some Rossi. That would be nice!

I've heard good things about that place and so far it seems to be standing the test of time.

Karen James said...

I have always found myself in the same situation, where I just turn around and leave. Your review makes me think I should just go for it.

White Pepper said...

I have heard this place has great cheese...and we all know how I feel about cheese. I still havent been to lark but I need to make my way over there.

ndrwmtsn said...

that's hella expensive

i went there once and i remember the yellowtail. it was great.

i ate with my parents (who were picking up the bill) and my lovably overweight epicurious uncle, who kept ordering plate after plate, much to the chagrin of my dad. every time he ordered another thing, my dad just made a small whimper sound like dustin hoffman in the graduate when mrs robinson gets a little too sexy.

it's funny cause its not my money.