Friday, November 9, 2007

Best Value ever

Sometimes people make things that can be so simple complicated. These are not the people you want working your front desk trying to organize paper cups for the water cooler. And then there are people who can find the most efficient way to do a simple task winning them the A+. I'm here to say I just won an A+.

If you are looking for a pleasant variety of food, at very little cost, and in a warm but simple environmnet then tie shoes tight and step out side. You are heading down the street to Whole Foods. Why? Free fucking food you idiot!! They advertise fresh. Original. And someother stuff that I don't pay attention to cause I typically hear one thing$$$$$. Well, I was helping a friend with some shopping. Needed a little snack. Took a walk in the store. Next thing you know I'm looking for a chair to nap in. They have plenty.!

I had such a nice variety and most of the food was unattended so help yourself. Plus, almost everything comes with a toothpick so you don't need to worry about brushing afterwards either.

It's a pretty sweet deal. Nearest one that I know of is located down by REI. Enjoy, and don't tell them I sent you.



steve said...

you are hilarious my friend

White Pepper said...

Great post Crumb! I go here occasionally and always get tricked by that damn "salad bar" --you are thinking its all good until you add some falafel and your salad becomes like 16 dollars.