Wednesday, November 28, 2007

An evening with CarboOverload

So we scheduled to meet up some where chill on the hill and came up with the Capitol Club. I have not been to Capitol Club in a long time. My memories of this place include several nights where the bar has been too packed, the service sucked and the food was not good. I have also celebrated several events here including a bachelorette party and some good times during the summer on the patio. We were both hungry so we glanced at the menu. I realized they added some new items so I jumped in.

I went for the veggie blt. This was a damn good sandwich. The bread was nice and soft and the provolone cheese was very tasty. The toppings were plentiful and the tapenade was really spicy. I topped my meal off with the soup of the day which was yellow split pea bisque. The soup was great, it came out very hot my only complaint was that it was overly salted. Carbo reminded me that you really cannot go wrong with bisque is in the title. Word.

Carbo went for the burger and some fries. Her fries were so bomb...she ordered them spicy and they were fabulous.

The drink menu is strange and totally overpriced but you still feel obligated to try some of the concoctions. I had one drink called the zen martini that vodka and green tea liquer. It was boring. Carbo started with the carronade which was ruby red vodka muddled with lemon and topped with champagne. After all that we moved on to margaritas. The services started out great...then it turned bad when the bar got busy and was filling up for their Lovetap weekly house music party. The bar filled up with lots of people and the music took a fast change from old soul cuts to all house. They also started clearing out the dining area in what appeared to be making room for dancing. We would have stayed but our server never returned so we had to pay at the bar.

So we left and on the walk back decided to step into Kurrent for a cocktail. On our walk we enjoyed a public display of drunkenness and a fight where this women proceeded to yell at this guy calling him an asswipe from the top of her lungs. She got so made she then called him a wipeass. Classic.

The drink menu at Kurrent was insane. I saw like 3-4 drinks I would not mind tasting but its pointless to list them because the bartender who apparently invented them no longer works there. So we made our way down the menu and ended up trying the Dirty Motherfucker which was basically a white russian but with tequila. This drink was spiced up with the use of mole kahlua as well. I thought it was quite good. We did not eat at Kurrent but I did notice they had some intriguing happy hour prices and items including tofu fries and fried triple cream. Happy Hour is 3-6pm and 9pm-close. This place is strange and feels way out of place. The combination of regulars playing Wii in the back and the random passerby make you wonder if this place can stay open. One thing that was pretty cool was the long strip of solid ice on the bar to keep your drink cold...

Oh yeah, remember wipeass? Well he posted up outside the bar and puked all over the street. So awesome. The bar back went out and washed it down but it was too late, we saw the whole thing. Wipeass also came into the bar to apologize. So hilarious.

I proceeded to tell Carbo that we really needed to bring a camera crew with us when we go out. We needed the camera when Capitol Club turned into a house party and they dj turned on the disco ball and we certainly needed the camera to capture all that is wipeass.


TekkaDon Juan said...

ahahah, omg, your night was epic to the fullest. i havent been to capital club in at least a couple years, but your food looked good. last time i was there i drank two insanely overpriced schmancy drinks because i was duped by the "exotic" combinations, and i had some middle eastern sampler plate which was supposed to be falafel, olives, hummos, babaghanoush, and some other crap. and that was just it: crap.

your experience, though, might entice me to go there for happy hour and get some SPICY fries!

also, kurrent...i don't know what it is about that place, but i have no interest in it whatsoever. whatever goes in that spot will never succeed...look at what happened to green papaya! it's a strange corner; the hipsters are pissed that they're building condos on that block, and the yuppies are intimidated by the former hipster haunts.

TekkaDon Juan said...

ps, the ice band at the bar is playatastic said...

r & i are definitely going to have an ice bar installed in our home.