Thursday, November 15, 2007

Piecoras....Eggplant Parmesan

have written about Piecora's great pizza but haven't yet commented on their sandwiches. I can only speak to the Eggplant Parmesan Hero but Piecora's also serves up an Italian Hero and a Meatball Hero.
The eggplant hero came out hot with mounds of breaded slices of eggplant baked with red sauce & mozzarella in a long piece of Italian Bread. This sandwich is enough for two people or maybe you could it kill if you are really hungry. Let's just say, I have had a better sandwich on previous visits. Tonight, the eggplant was really mushy. I even wondered why it was breaded since the breading ended up just melding into the roll. The sauce was quite nice but the cheese was totally lacking....if it would have had more cheese it would have made up for the wack breading. The last time I had this sandwich it was perfect...the eggplant was crispy and the cheese was insane. I am a huge fan of consistency, so BOO to you Piecora's.

I also started with a nice caesar salad, which I might add is pretty damn good. I like my caesar salads more on the lighter side without a grip of dripping cream dressing. This salad dressing was light but with a lot of garlic. The service was b.s. it seemed like everyone was over their shift even though they still had 3 hours til closing. I really like Piecora's, so I will go back....I just know what I am getting into when I go there.

1401 East Madison Street
Monday-Thursday, 11:30AM-11:00PM
Friday 11:30AM-Midnight
Saturday 12:00PM-Midnight
Sunday NFL Ticket 10:00AM-10:00PM


Anonymous said...

hey, over here! hey- no, wait! no? ok

Suge White said...

I used to take shits there when I worked at Chop

White Pepper said...

OMG, really Suge? Damn.

M said...

i had the eggplant dinner (not sandwich) the last time CM played Chop...and it was HORRID. I mean i have always like what I ordered at Piacorras but DAMN ..Boooo is right. It was mushy and tasteless. Maybe they just fail horribly at making Eggplant dishes as of late....

Anonymous said...

That place has really gone down hill, even the pizza has changed.