Tuesday, November 27, 2007

welcome to no-vato(s locos)

it's the night before thanksgiving, and momma suge refuses to make an easy meal before the big day. in addition to the pictures below, we also ate buttery scallops, assorted cheeses, and three different types of bread. unfortunately, i'm so new to the K&S game that i forgot to take pictures.

mmm, meatballs. i don't partake in meat, so i'll leave it to m to let you know how they were. they looked absolutely delicious.

ah, spanIkopita, how delicious your crispy phyllo dough is! what's better than crispy pastry brushed with butter?? i was so inspired by this dish that i decided to pick up some phyllo dough this past weekend. it's in the fridge, and i'm making it tonight!!

we also had some sort of crusty, cheesy bread from safeway that i've never seen before at local stores. i kept going back for more to soak up the salty butter from the scallops plate and to dip in this sweet.tart herbed oil/vinegar combo suge's family always gets.

thanks momma suge!!!


ndrwmtsn said...

my mom can fuck up spanikopita like nobody's mom

it's the bomb, mom!

White Pepper said...

that looks so good. damn. someone make me some spanikopita. shit.

Suge White said...

She can cook but she drives like shit.